Companies using HSTS


HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is a web security policy mechanism that informs the browser to only access the website using HTTPS. It is used to prevent man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks, where an attacker intercepts and modifies communication between a client and a server over HTTP.

When a website is configured with HSTS, the server sends an HSTS header in the response, instructing the browser to communicate with the website only over HTTPS for a specified period of time. This helps to protect users from accidentally connecting to insecure versions of a website.

The HSTS header can also include the "includeSubDomains" directive, which extends the policy to all subdomains of the main domain. Additionally, the "preload" directive allows the website to be added to a list of websites that are hardcoded into major browsers, ensuring that the site is always accessed via HTTPS, even if the user's cache or bookmarks contain an HTTP link.

Overall, HSTS provides an extra layer of security by enforcing the use of HTTPS, protecting users from potential security vulnerabilities associated with using insecure connections.

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5,071,275 companies are currently using HSTS



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Using HSTS for finding leads

This list of companies implementing HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) provides valuable insights for sales teams looking to connect with businesses that prioritize web security. HSTS is a robust security protocol that instructs the browser to exclusively access a website using HTTPS.

Companies that employ HSTS are typically forward-thinking, stepping up their efforts to enhance website security to better protect their data and their users. These businesses range across multiple sectors—from financial services, e-commerce, to technology and beyond. Put simply, they're firms that understand the importance of safeguarding client and company information in this data-driven world, making it an ideal target audience for vendors offering complementary security solutions.

For sales teams, this selection of companies using HSTS offers several distinct advantages:

  1. Comprehensive insight: The list provides a broad view of companies committed to robust online security, creating a shortcut to potential customers that value data protection highly.
  2. Enhanced targeting: Knowing that these companies already have an interest in advanced security measures allows teams to tailor their strategies and messaging accordingly.
  3. Efficiency in prospecting: This specific selection of companies equates to a pre-qualified audience, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of lead generation.

One example of utilizing this value-rich list might be a firm selling ancillary security products, such as firewall technology. The sales team can leverage this list to target businesses that already prioritize solid security protocols and therefore, have a higher probability of acknowledging the importance and value of their product offering.

This list serves as an effective tool, offering sales teams a ready source of potential leads who might be receptive to advance security products or services. Thus, introducing opportunities to develop productive relationships with security-minded companies. Through this, businesses can increase conversions and foster efficient lead generation and prospecting.

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