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Friendly Captcha is a type of security technology that is designed to protect websites and online platforms from unwanted automated bots and spam. It works by using a proof-of-work based solution, which involves the user's device doing all the work to prove that they are human.

Unlike traditional Captchas, which often involve deciphering distorted text or clicking on images, Friendly Captcha is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities or visual impairments. Instead of requiring users to solve complex puzzles or challenges, Friendly Captcha simply requires them to perform a simple task, such as dragging an object into a designated area or completing a short survey.

The key advantage of Friendly Captcha is that it is much more effective at stopping unwanted bots and spam than traditional Captchas, while also being easier and less frustrating for legitimate users. By offloading the work onto the user's device, Friendly Captcha ensures that only real humans are able to access the website or platform, while also preventing hackers and spammers from exploiting vulnerabilities in the system.

Overall, Friendly Captcha is an innovative and user-friendly security technology that offers a simple yet effective way to protect websites and online platforms from unwanted automated bots and spam.

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13,129 companies are currently using Friendly Captcha



online platform for build..

12 Employees$25K - $47K$58K austria54%Export
Jaz in the City

hotel built by music! ams..

75 Employees$19K - $15K$71K germany68%Export
Textilchemie Dr. Petry Gm..

textile auxiliaries for h..

29 Employees$42K - $23K$99K germany69%Export

thermal intelligence for ..

105 Employees$27K - $13K$78K germany56%Export

leader in automated testi..

189 Employees$3K - $28K$65K france30%Export

good ai needs great gover..

26 Employees$23K - $40K$97K united states ..73%Export

logistics and beyond

144 Employees$36K - $31K$91K germany74%Export
Warren Walter

warren walter est une ent..

25 Employees$41K - $11K$75K france77%Export

concordium is the layer 1..

70 Employees$37K - $22K$93K switzerland28%Export
FRED Executive Search

executive search is our p..

13 Employees$40K - $10K$53K germany70%Export

sustainable businesses in..

35 Employees$9K - $36K$56K germany79%Export
hrQ is becoming Landrum T..

helping organizations fin..

61 Employees$29K - $41K$53K united states ..65%Export

ultrasound is our strengt..

92 Employees$9K - $40K$51K germany90%Export

global content solutions ..

58 Employees$6K - $8K$67K france39%Export
eClear | TaxFinTech

streamlining your eu cros..

79 Employees$46K - $45K$96K germany87%Export

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Using Friendly Captcha for finding leads

This list of companies utilizing Friendly Captcha offers significant value to sales teams seeking to uncover promising leads. By understanding which organizations leverage this technology, sales professionals can tailor their approach to the specific needs and challenges these companies might be experiencing.

Friendly Captcha is a tool that integrates into various kinds of web technologies indicating a diverse set of industries and company sizes on this list. Those realizing the importance of user-friendly, non-intrusive methods for spam prevention are part of this collection.

For sales teams providing complementary products or services—such as cybersecurity solutions, web development services, or user experience (UX) design tools—this list can serve as a prime starting point to identify potential clients who value high-quality user experience and security.

Moreover, companies using Friendly Captcha might be more open to digitization and innovation. They may be more willing to explore new tools and services to improve their online presence, enhance their security, or optimize their website operations. An understanding of the common characteristics among these companies can inform more strategic and targeted sales pitches, making lead generation more efficient and effective.

In summary, this curated list of companies using Friendly Captcha serves as a valuable resource to streamline the identification of high-potential leads, helping sales teams to strategize their efforts more effectively.

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