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Workarea is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ecommerce platform specifically designed to cater to the needs of medium to large businesses. It provides various features such as customization, scalability, and flexibility to help businesses create and manage their online stores effectively. Workarea offers an intuitive user interface that enables businesses to create, update and manage products, pricing, orders, and customers with ease.

The platform also includes built-in functionalities for managing customer service requests, inventory, shipping, and taxes. It is highly customizable, which allows developers to add or modify features to meet specific business needs. Workarea offers integrations with third-party tools and services such as payment gateways, marketing automation, and social media platforms. Additionally, it provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities that can help businesses to make data-driven decisions.

Overall, Workarea offers a comprehensive ecommerce solution that helps medium to large businesses to streamline their online operations and grow their sales.

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580 companies are currently using Workarea


Heptagon Group

on your marks. set-up you..

19 Employees$9K - $33K$78K united kingdom..83%Export
DYM Resources GmbH

niche oil products supply..

13 Employees$31K - $40K$52K germany31%Export
Integrated Solutions

run digital

30 Employees$50K - $8K$65K italy64%Export
Keep Simple

somos um hub ágil de inov..

45 Employees$9K - $46K$62K brazil25%Export
Just Candy LLC

make every occasion & eve..

16 Employees$45K - $17K$77K united states ..77%Export
Shades of Light

online lighting and home ..

108 Employees$14K - $27K$70K united states ..92%Export
KaraOkulta - An Amber Stu..

we believe we can transce..

34 Employees$6K - $9K$100K mexico75%Export
World Wide Stereo

simplifying your life and..

68 Employees$44K - $36K$71K united states ..83%Export

notre mission : générer d..

14 Employees$7K - $14K$81K canada76%Export

empowering progress, fost..

9 Employees$44K - $9K$71K switzerland13%Export

software erp e outras sol..

41 Employees$18K - $32K$69K brazil44%Export


14 Employees$27K - $17K$90K india32%Export
Urban Restoration Counsel..

talking about mental heal..

25 Employees$15K - $26K$76K united states ..93%Export
Woodcraft Supply, LLC

since 1928, woodcraft has..

375 Employees$8K - $15K$66K united states ..59%Export
Fronk Oil Co., Inc.

Family Owned and Operated..

20 Employees$45K - $43K$58K united states ..57%Export

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Using Workarea for finding leads

Focusing on medium to large businesses, Workarea is a SaaS ecommerce platform with a wide range of users. This list of companies that utilize Workarea represents an assortment of opportunities for sales teams searching for potential leads.

The value of this list is multifold:

  1. Understanding Market Trends: The type of companies that choose Workarea shed light on market trends and preferences, helping sales teams to generate more effective strategies.
  2. Identifying Potential Clients: If a company's products or services complement those offered by Workarea or if they have a solution that Workarea's customer base often requires, the list quickly becomes a well of potential clients.
  3. Benchmarking and Competitive Analysis: By looking at the companies using Workarea, sales teams can analyze their own offerings in comparison, allowing them to better position their product or service.
  4. Personalizing Outreach: Understanding a lead's current technology stack enables sales teams to personalize their outreach and propose a unique value proposition.
  5. Cross-Selling Opportunities: Businesses already using Workarea may be more receptive to related or complementary services, thus facilitating cross-selling opportunities.

Optimized correctly, this directory of companies using Workarea can be a potent tool for lead generation and sales team success.

Make your sales data-driven.

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