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WiziShop is a company that provides ecommerce solutions to businesses. They offer tools and services that allow businesses to create an online store, manage their inventory, process payments, and fulfill orders. With WiziShop, businesses can customize their store design, set up promotions and discounts, and integrate with various shipping carriers. WiziShop also provides analytics and reporting features to help businesses track their sales performance and make data-driven decisions. Overall, WiziShop aims to provide a comprehensive ecommerce solution that simplifies the process of selling products online for businesses of all sizes.

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415 companies are currently using WiziShop



depuis 2012, kollori agit..

4 Employees$35K - $11K$76K france89%Export
GII formation

l’humain au cœur de l’ent..

6 Employees$19K - $37K$68K france24%Export
Opportunity for Women

incubateur écologique & s..

4 Employees$37K - $11K$70K france16%Export
Doriane Bijoux

« love makes the world go..

18 Employees$20K - $49K$99K france18%Export
Les Vins Brunin-Guillier

le vin par excellence

11 Employees$29K - $29K$65K belgium52%Export
Les Bons Plans du Vin

the best wines deals

6 Employees$50K - $22K$86K france98%Export
Les Essentiels SARL

un soin c’est tout

10 Employees$47K - $37K$60K france96%Export
RVB France | Richard V.I...

solutions et pièces détac..

4 Employees$13K - $9K$69K france95%Export

nous avons toujours une s..

3 Employees$28K - $3K$58K france26%Export

horus vous aide à réalise..

23 Employees$29K - $7K$75K france44%Export
Amis Prix

les plus grandes marques ..

3 Employees$27K - $37K$66K france4%Export

au service de la distribu..

4 Employees$48K - $23K$52K france23%Export
T'HEIM - Mode française M..

l'apostrophe qui donne du..

1 Employees$31K - $44K$80K france3%Export
Les Trésors de Lily

la vie en rose

6 Employees$47K - $12K$62K france77%Export
EYES opticiens

ouvrez votre magasin eyes..

2 Employees$30K - $41K$94K france63%Export

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Using WiziShop for finding leads

This compilation of companies utilizing WiziShop offers considerable value for sales teams on the hunt for lucrative leads. It narrows the target market to organizations proven to be interested in e-commerce solutions, thus optimizing the focus and direction of your prospecting efforts.

This curated list aids in identifying businesses that prioritize digital storefronts and online sales, an attribute shared by every company utilizing WiziShop. This precise delineation of potential clients assists in designing personalized pitches and understanding the unique needs of prospects better, accordingly offering solutions that resonate with them the most.

Generating high-quality leads often boils down to understanding the technology stack of a company. Knowledge of a company's use of WiziShop signifies an inherent interest in enhancing their e-commerce experience, providing valuable insight into their necessities and preferences. This key information can be utilized to construct compelling value propositions.

Moreover, the list elevates efficiency by eliminating the commitment of time and resources in identifying suitable prospects. With this information, sales teams can direct their efforts towards building meaningful relationships with these listed companies, ushering lead nurturing and potential conversions.

In conclusion, this comprehensive list of companies using WiziShop is a treasure trove for any sales team seeking to streamline their prospecting process and boost their success in acquiring quality leads.

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