Companies using Wikinggruppen

As there is no context about what Wikinggruppen refers to, it is difficult to provide an accurate answer. However, a search on the internet indicates that "Wikinggruppen" may refer to at least two different things:

1. Wikinggruppen AB - a construction company based in Sweden that specializes in building bridges, roads, and other infrastructure projects.

2. Wikinggruppen AS - a Norwegian retail chain that operates supermarkets and stores selling groceries, clothing, and household items.

Without more information about which of these entities is being referred to, or if there is another meaning for "Wikinggruppen", it is not possible to provide a more detailed response.

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188 companies are currently using Wikinggruppen


Alex&Phil Baby Food

a family-owned, swedish c..

5 Employees$39K - $23K$79K sweden15%Export
ARJ Distribution AB

our slogan make it easy p..

3 Employees$31K - $23K$92K sweden9%Export

livv tillhandahåller ett ..

10 Employees$16K - $26K$55K sweden54%Export
Hogrefe Psykologiförlaget..

att ta människors vardag ..

15 Employees$20K - $7K$89K sweden6%Export
Micrologistic AB

sedan 2002 har vi tillhan..

6 Employees$46K - $13K$80K sweden76%Export
Tell Me More Interiors

a swedish interior brand ..

11 Employees$19K - $12K$68K sweden83%Export

e-handel inom ställning-,..

5 Employees$27K - $2K$83K sweden3%Export

för din optimala hälsa, e..

5 Employees$12K - $4K$52K sweden27%Export
Happy Elk AB / HEfitness...

välkommen till sveriges b..

6 Employees$46K - $1K$59K sweden18%Export
Ergohuset Ermi AB

8 Employees$43K - $9K$84K sweden59%Export
Health Royals

vi erbjuder ett urval av ..

4 Employees$27K - $41K$64K sweden27%Export

slipp skadedjur i hem och..

3 Employees$25K - $50K$63K sweden29%Export
MonZon Sverige

försäljning av byggnadsst..

15 Employees$38K - $38K$91K sweden45%Export
Nail Systems of Sweden AB..

din bästa support! kunska..

3 Employees$20K - $10K$86K sweden33%Export
Happy Print

happy print trycker skylt..

8 Employees$49K - $42K$65K sweden5%Export

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Using Wikinggruppen for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies employing Wikinggruppen can serve as a vital resource for sales teams seeking to identify and pursue new business opportunities. Wikinggruppen, renowned for its robust and user-friendly e-commerce solutions, is popular among a diverse range of businesses, which can be found on this listing.

The value of this list is multifold. To begin with, it helps in identifying prospects that value cutting-edge technology, indicated by their adoption of Wikinggruppen. Such companies are likely to be open to other technological products and services that could facilitate their operations or give them a competitive advantage.

Additionally, by having a direct insight into firms that use Wikinggruppen, sales teams can construct more personalized and informed pitching strategies. Knowledge about a prospect’s existing tech stack can assist in defining their needs and wants, allowing for the crafting of propositions that align directly with their current setup.

The listed companies also represent a variety of industries, enabling sales teams to engage with diverse markets and open up new verticals. From organizations specializing in retail, fashion, or digital services, the list presents an array of sectors ripe for engagement.

Furthermore, this list puts not only large enterprises at sales teams' fingertips but also small and medium-sized businesses. Such enterprises often present substantial opportunities as they might be seeking complementary solutions to bolster their e-commerce capabilities.

Finally, being armed with this list also gives sales teams a competitive advantage. By knowing which companies are using Wikinggruppen, they can differentiate their offerings based on what they know about Wikinggruppen’s functionalities and the possible gaps or additional needs these companies may have.

To summarize, this list of companies using Wikinggruppen offers sales teams a trove of potential leads. It gives them with insights needed to tailor their sales strategies, and presents an opportunity to drive meaningful engagements with a wide spread of enterprises.

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