Companies using Webeyez


Webeyez is an ecommerce monitoring and analytics solution that helps teams identify and resolve operational and technical issues to improve revenue recovery. It provides tools for tracking and analyzing website performance, user behavior, and conversion rates. With Webeyez, teams can monitor key metrics, detect anomalies, and receive alerts when issues arise. This allows them to quickly prioritize and address problems, ensuring a smooth online shopping experience for customers and maximizing revenue potential. By offering comprehensive insights into website performance, Webeyez empowers teams to optimize their ecommerce operations and make data-driven decisions for enhancing the overall user experience.

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95 companies are currently using Webeyez


True Botanicals

get gorgeous skin with na..

47 Employees$28K - $41K$71K united states ..100%Export
Oliver Sweeney

making shoes great for ov..

36 Employees$10K - $27K$57K united kingdom..33%Export
Echo Engineering & Produc..

innovation by design • fo..

76 Employees$26K - $41K$60K united states ..35%Export

/ bwah-sahn / the leading..

43 Employees$31K - $37K$51K united states ..6%Export
Julep Beauty

34 Employees$21K - $18K$60K united states ..85%Export
Paul Stuart, Inc.

iconic menswear on madiso..

97 Employees$19K - $16K$72K united states ..42%Export
Galls, LLC

proud to serve those who ..

797 Employees$9K - $46K$68K united states ..69%Export
OpticsPlanet, Inc.

155 Employees$29K - $14K$63K united states ..8%Export
Dana Rebecca Designs

make women feel special e..

24 Employees$14K - $31K$71K united states ..81%Export
Made Goods

our mission is to help pe..

56 Employees$25K - $2K$84K united states ..39%Export
Lulu and Georgia

bring beauty home

123 Employees$12K - $4K$63K united states ..23%Export

great leathers make great..

190 Employees$34K - $3K$83K united states ..41%Export
DVF (Diane von Furstenber..

incharge since 1972

416 Employees$32K - $33K$72K united states ..85%Export

offering the best selecti..

6 Employees$29K - $21K$63K united states ..98%Export

we're an aussie packaging..

112 Employees$40K - $32K$70K australia35%Export

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Using Webeyez for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Webeyez is an invaluable asset for sales teams seeking to expand their client base. Webeyez is a renowned eCommerce monitoring and analytics tool that allows companies to identify, alert, prioritize, and resolve operational and technical issues efficiently.

Gaining access to such a list offers numerous benefits. First, it provides tangible evidence of the prevalence and adoption of Webeyez across a wide range of industries. Understanding how and why these companies are using Webeyez can equip sales teams with powerful insights to improve their sales pitch and demonstrate the real-world value of their product to potential clients.

Second, this list can serve as a source of qualified leads since the companies included are evidently invested in levering technology to improve their ecommerce performance. By targeting these companies, sales teams are speaking to audiences who already recognize the value of ecommerce analytics and monitoring solutions, thereby increasing the likelihood of a favourable response.

Moreover, sales teams can use this list as a benchmark to determine industries and sectors where Webeyez's solution is highly employed, enabling them to refine and focus their sales and marketing strategies appropriately. In addition, they can identify gaps in the market where Webeyez has not been widely adopted, presenting potential opportunities for growth.

Thus, the list is not merely a register of companies; it is insight into market trends, a prediction of future needs, and a roadmap for successful lead generation. By obtaining such valuable data, sales teams can tailor their strategies with improved precision, driving more productive conversations and potently influencing positive sales outcomes.

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