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Web Shop Manager (WSM) is a comprehensive ecommerce platform that caters specifically to the automotive industry and markets with complex product catalogs. It provides an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to establish or enhance their online presence, enabling them to create and manage their own e-commerce website.

One of the standout features of WSM is its advanced search capabilities, which allow customers to easily find the products they are looking for via a user-friendly interface. This is particularly important in the automotive industry, where customers often have detailed specifications and requirements for the products they need.

WSM also offers a range of tools and features to help businesses manage their online store effectively, including inventory management, order processing, customer relationship management (CRM), and marketing automation. These tools can streamline operations and improve efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on growing their customer base and increasing revenue.

Another key advantage of WSM is its ability to handle complex product catalogs. The platform supports an extensive range of product types, including parts, accessories, and performance upgrades, as well as custom-made products. It also supports multiple pricing structures, so businesses can offer different prices to different customer segments.

Overall, Web Shop Manager is a powerful ecommerce and search platform that can provide businesses in the automotive industry with the tools and functionality they need to succeed in the online marketplace. With its advanced search capabilities, comprehensive management tools, and support for complex product catalogs, WSM is a great choice for any business that wants to establish or improve its online presence.

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236 companies are currently using Web Shop Manager


Highway and Heavy Parts

from diagnosis through de..

39 Employees$37K - $7K$92K united states ..6%Export
Babmar® Commercial Outdoo..

babmar® designs and manuf..

7 Employees$28K - $17K$79K united states ..97%Export
Worldwide Equipment Sales..

your #1 towing and transp..

24 Employees$25K - $16K$97K united states ..11%Export
Injen Technology, Inc

20 Employees$35K - $17K$79K united states ..5%Export
Nitrous Outlet

the #1 name in nitrous!

19 Employees$29K - $14K$68K united states ..16%Export
Go Rhino

fit. function. style.

28 Employees$8K - $43K$83K united states ..16%Export
King Shocks

the leader in off-road sh..

33 Employees$44K - $17K$79K united states ..83%Export
Petty's Garage

26 Employees$22K - $5K$84K united states ..73%Export
Never Enough Auto Accesso..

17 Employees$24K - $41K$55K united states ..92%Export
Bell Intercoolers

7 Employees$21K - $16K$69K united states ..17%Export
Team Allied Distribution

team allied is the larges..

40 Employees$26K - $41K$84K united states ..9%Export
Wehrli Custom Fabrication..

20 Employees$28K - $1K$82K united states ..48%Export
Classic Tube

manufacturing preformed t..

20 Employees$43K - $44K$95K united states ..67%Export
Timbren Industries

suspension solutions for ..

31 Employees$50K - $3K$61K canada9%Export
Lazer Star Lights

The Power Of Light

10 Employees$39K - $48K$99K united states ..99%Export

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Using Web Shop Manager for finding leads

The list of companies leveraging Web Shop Manager is an invaluable resource for sales teams. It's not merely a list - it's a gateway to a marketplace teeming with potential leads and opportunities.

With a focus on ecommerce and advanced search capabilities for intricate product catalogs, particularly in the automotive industry, Web Shop Manager appeals to numerous companies. The platform is versatile, capable of simplifying the complexities often associated with ecommerce, and therefore, garners the interest of a vast array of organizations. And it's these organizations that comprise the list.

For sales teams, this opens up an entire field of prospects. Each company on this list is a potential lead, a potential point of contact, and possibly, a future collaborator. Sales teams can use the list to identify and target organizations that have already demonstrated an interest in enhanced online retail and search solutions. This significantly narrows down the traditional field of prospects, allowing sales teams to focus their efforts on high-potential leads and, consequently, improve their efficiency.

Furthermore, the list gives sales teams insight into organizations that understand and value advanced technology. These companies are likely to be open to technological innovations and solutions, making them excellent prospects for sales opportunities.

It's also worth noting that the automotive industry represents a significant segment of the global economy. By focusing on companies utilizing Web Shop Manager, sales teams can tap into this lucrative market. The list of such companies brings this huge market segment within easy reach.

Sales teams can use this list to streamline their prospecting process, focus their pitch, and ultimately, enhance their conversion rate. It's more than just a list of names - it's a curated collection of potential leads ready for the right opportunity.

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