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Voracio is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that enables businesses to set up and run their online stores easily and efficiently. The platform is powered by Microsoft .NET and built on the Microsoft Azure cloud framework, which provides a secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure for businesses of all sizes.

Voracio offers a wide range of features and tools that allow businesses to customize their online stores, manage their products and orders, and provide an excellent customer experience. The platform provides advanced inventory management features, including real-time stock tracking, automated reordering, and supplier integration, which ensure that businesses can always meet customer demand.

Voracio also includes powerful marketing tools, such as email campaigns, social media integration, and SEO optimization, that help businesses attract and retain customers. The platform supports multiple payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe, which enable businesses to accept payments from customers all over the world.

Overall, Voracio is a comprehensive and user-friendly ecommerce platform that helps businesses succeed in the digital marketplace. Whether you are just starting out or looking to scale your online business, Voracio has everything you need to thrive online.

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14 companies are currently using Voracio



12 Employees$43K - $10K$79K united kingdom..83%Export
Abaris International Ltd

suppliers of technical ro..

11 Employees$47K - $24K$62K united kingdom..21%Export
Global Walkway Solutions ..

one of the uk's leading s..

3 Employees$47K - $39K$81K united kingdom..99%Export
Active Sports Nutrition I..

1 Employees$39K - $13K$59K united states ..83%Export

7 Employees$44K - $29K$78K -40%Export
Eagle Music

11 Employees$4K - $6K$77K united states ..48%Export

1 Employees$45K - $29K$69K -15%Export

2 Employees$40K - $42K$85K -96%Export
Much-More Racing (UK) Lim..

- Employees$24K - $22K$52K -35%Export
Athletic Feet

- Employees$8K - $41K$57K united kingdom..89%Export
Active Sports Supplies

- Employees$13K - $45K$93K netherlands27%Export
Fitzpatrick Fuels

- Employees$46K - $24K$66K united kingdom..17%Export
Lawnsmith Gardening Servi..

- Employees$47K - $21K$55K united kingdom..100%Export

- Employees$14K - $31K$77K united kingdom..12%

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Using Voracio for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies using Voracio presents an excellent opportunity to showcase the growing adaptation of a robust SaaS ecommerce platform. As Voracio is based on Microsoft Azure's reliable cloud framework, businesses that use it are generally forward-thinking and tech-savvy, making them potential targets for sales teams.

The primary value of this list is that it provides a targeted set of leads. Understanding which businesses are employing a premium, cloud-based ecommerce platform reveals insightful information about their technological inclination, budget, and the importance they place on a dynamic and user-friendly online sales interface. Sales teams can leverage this knowledge, tailoring their pitch to highlight the synergies between their product or service and the existing cloud-powered ecommerce platform.

Additionally, it assists sales teams in segmenting their market more effectively. By knowing which companies use Voracio, they can better formulate strategies that adapt to the specific needs and characteristics of these businesses.

As an essential lead prospecting tool, this list can be a game-changer. Finding potential clients is often the most arduous part of the sales process. Having a pre-vetted selection of companies already using a comparable technology reduces the time spent prospecting, allowing for more focus on crafting compelling sales pitches and building relationships with potential leads.

The list enables the identification of industry trends, allowing sales teams to spot specific sectors with high Voracio adoption rates. Such insights can help shape a sales team's strategy by highlighting industries intrinsically more open to leveraging cutting-edge ecommerce technologies, further streamlining the lead generation process.

Finally, the value of this list could be enhanced by adding additional information about each company like their size, industry, and key decision-makers, to provide sales teams with a more in-depth understanding of their potential leads. This can help in creating personalized pitches, making sure the sales teams approach prospective clients with the most relevant proposals, significantly increasing the chances of successful engagements.

In summary, the list of companies using Voracio is a powerful resource for sales teams searching for qualified leads. It allows them to identify and zero-in on potential clients faster, formulate effective strategies, understand industry trends, and ultimately increase their chances of successful conversions.

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