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TurfJS is a JavaScript library for geospatial analysis and data processing. It's an open-source, modular library that provides a wide range of tools for working with geographic data in the browser as well as on the server-side. TurfJS allows developers to perform various geospatial operations such as measuring distances, finding intersections, buffering, spatial join, etc.

This library is easy to use and has a clear API that makes it popular among developers who work with geographical data. It also integrates well with other JavaScript libraries like Leaflet, Mapbox GL JS, and OpenLayers. TurfJS supports both 2D and 3D data and can be used for creating interactive maps, visualizing data, and analyzing geospatial information.

TurfJS is widely used in web mapping applications, location-based services, and data visualization. It's an essential tool for developers who want to work with geographic data in JavaScript. The library is constantly updated and improved by a community of contributors, making it a reliable and robust solution for geospatial programming.

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1,041 companies are currently using TurfJS


Harvey Jones Kitchens

individually crafted kitc..

118 Employees$28K - $37K$60K united kingdom..93%Export
The Anderson Group Real E..

nashville's premiere real..

25 Employees$46K - $26K$71K united states ..19%Export
Bluebird Network

empowering innovation

111 Employees$9K - $33K$83K united states ..16%Export
énergie Fitness

the uk’s market-leading a..

494 Employees$7K - $6K$100K united kingdom..7%Export
Skyline AI

real estate investment me..

17 Employees$48K - $9K$83K united states ..75%Export

traversez la ville en un ..

150 Employees$37K - $32K$96K france55%Export

we are the business-only ..

349 Employees$41K - $41K$72K united states ..46%Export

brussels digital & citize..

177 Employees$16K - $35K$89K belgium100%Export

empowering #realestate pr..

38 Employees$27K - $4K$68K united states ..34%Export
Five Star Real Estate Net..

building servant leaders~..

21 Employees$2K - $41K$74K united states ..7%Export
StateBook International, ..

13 Employees$31K - $43K$77K united states ..99%Export
SII Belgium

your technology partner a..

42 Employees$18K - $2K$71K belgium55%Export

find dispensaries, discov..

9 Employees$21K - $1K$54K united states ..13%Export
Hudson Gateway Associatio..

hgar creates opportunitie..

54 Employees$4K - $43K$76K united states ..74%Export
OtO Inc.

we're using technology in..

31 Employees$42K - $4K$78K canada13%Export

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