Companies using Traek

Traek is a web-based tool that provides valuable insights and analytics about website performance, user behavior, and lead generation. It helps website owners to track important metrics such as page views, bounce rate, session duration, and conversion rate. Traek can also help identify where website visitors are coming from and which pages are most engaging to them. Moreover, it provides lead generation tools like form submissions and call-back features, which can help businesses connect more effectively with their potential customers. With its intuitive dashboard and easy-to-use interface, Traek makes it easy for website owners to get the information they need to optimize their website performance and improve their overall online presence.

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19 companies are currently using Traek



frontline knowledge, acce..

42 Employees$37K - $50K$57K india99%Export
Third Rock Techkno

a leading it services com..

86 Employees$19K - $44K$86K india68%Export
CloudSmartHR, Inc.

helping you build a smart..

7 Employees$44K - $25K$52K united states ..65%Export

hire india’s top tech tal..

29 Employees$17K - $40K$71K united states ..77%Export

business-first, ui/ux des..

23 Employees$26K - $31K$56K india68%Export
Advanced Card Systems and..

delivering an exceptional..

3 Employees$17K - $36K$86K united states ..5%Export
portal do médico

maior marketplace da saúd..

11 Employees$11K - $44K$58K brazil40%Export
Enteros, Inc

database performance mana..

12 Employees$34K - $34K$82K united states ..72%Export
Emotional Objects

more than function

4 Employees$46K - $40K$69K portugal2%Export
Shrinidhi Plastic Industr..

manufacturer - exporter -..

5 Employees$22K - $48K$76K india53%Export
Broadhurst Digital

we create digital strateg..

2 Employees$48K - $11K$84K united kingdom..43%Export

ai safety net for your sa..

1 Employees$10K - $1K$90K india61%Export
H.L. Agro Products Pvt. L..

we bring the ingredients ..

71 Employees$50K - $30K$95K india85%Export
Social Professionale

2 Employees$22K - $19K$85K -62%Export

1 Employees$42K - $48K$89K india46%Export

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Using Traek for finding leads

With a robust catalog of companies utilizing Traek, this list is a valuable resource for sales teams looking to find potential leads. As a tool centered around website insights, analytics, and lead generation, Traek is frequently adopted by businesses focused on improving their online presence and keen on data-driven decision-making. Therefore, the companies using Traek can be potential customers who value data analysis and digital marketing.

The inherent value of this pre-compiled list is immense. It expedites the prospecting process, eliminating the tedious task of identifying businesses interested in web analytics and lead generation tools. A sales team equipped with this list is able to avoid cold outreach and directly target businesses that are likely to be interested in similar technologies or services. It streamlines sales procedures, aids in the swift identification of high-probability leads, and ensures energy is invested in promising areas.

Moreover, the list becomes a dynamic assistance tool, building a foundation for better understanding the market trends, industry preferences, and behaviors surrounding website analytics. By observing the commonalities and patterns among the companies using Traek, sales teams can refine their strategies and personalize pitches to effectively resonate with the value-driven mindset of potential customers.

With an active connection to this valuable list, sales teams are not only equipped with leads but are also granted awareness about the landscape of businesses leveraging website insights technology, such as Traek. It's an opportunity to enhance lead prospecting, increase efficiency, and ultimately drive sales performance to new heights.

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