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Tinybird is a cloud-native data processing platform that enables developers and data teams to create and manage real-time data pipelines. It provides them with the ability to perform complex data transformations and analysis at scale. Tinybird's infrastructure is designed to be highly scalable, making it capable of handling large amounts of data in real-time. It offers features such as data ingestion, transformation, normalization, filtering, aggregation, enrichment, and storage. With its user-friendly interface, Tinybird allows users to visualize their data in real-time, build custom dashboards, and share insights across teams. Its flexible architecture supports various data sources, including CSV, JSON, APIs, SQL databases, and message brokers. Tinybird also provides an API for developers to integrate it into their applications or workflows seamlessly. With its powerful capabilities and ease of use, Tinybird makes it easier for developers and data teams to work with streams of data, build data products, and deliver insights faster.

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52 companies are currently using Tinybird



una solución todo en uno ..

3 Employees$10K - $23K$68K spain80%Export
The DX Company

do you suffer from market..

4 Employees$18K - $47K$66K united states ..19%Export
TT-Teknikk AS

vann - og avløp. anse job..

43 Employees$3K - $49K$87K norway85%Export
CRIB Network

connect. revolutionize. i..

2 Employees$11K - $29K$72K united states ..28%Export

hire your virtual team to..

2 Employees$5K - $49K$81K united states ..22%Export
eatin Software Gastronómi..

software gastronómico: re..

3 Employees$21K - $20K$84K mexico39%Export
Final Version Ltd

better interactions to br..

6 Employees$49K - $12K$55K united kingdom..49%Export

localstack - tools and se..

37 Employees$20K - $4K$88K switzerland87%Export
Local Business Calendars

a network of local busine..

2 Employees$21K - $33K$74K united states ..28%Export
Datola | Comunidad | Anal..

una comunidad para compar..

6 Employees$12K - $34K$66K spain70%Export
Law Society (NI) Financia..

working hard for solicito..

12 Employees$40K - $14K$91K united kingdom..83%Export
Standard Retail

standard retail is an ai-..

2 Employees$42K - $3K$57K australia78%Export

5 Employees$12K - $10K$81K sweden35%Export

the 1st web3 bootcamp

2 Employees$40K - $42K$63K france9%Export

1 Employees$35K - $30K$52K united states ..44%Export

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The meticulously curated list of companies utilizing Tinybird can serve as a significant resource for sales teams in their lead generation efforts. Being aware of the companies that are already taking advantage of Tinybird's cutting-edge data processing capabilities allows these teams to pinpoint potential clientele who value similar high-quality solutions.

Sales operations can also leverage this list to identify the industries in which Tinybird's solutions are making an impact. By studying the range of industries and their specific use cases and needs, these sales teams can obtain actionable insights about future prospects and establish a tailored approach for their sales pitch.

Detailed knowledge of existing Tinybird users will also enable salespeople to craft compelling narratives around the benefits of their product or service, using real-world examples and case studies. The ability to reference other successful implementations of Tinybird can help to de-risk the purchasing decision for prospect clients and motivate them to move forward.

Moreover, the list serves as a platform for competitive analysis. Recognizing which competitors are in the same space and understanding their offerings compared to one's own can sharpen a sales team’s strategy and enable them to articulate a unique value proposition.

The list of companies using Tinybird, therefore, not only presents a repository of potential leads but also a reservoir of insights and pitches waiting to be discovered to foster successful business opportunities.

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