Companies using Tiendanube

Tiendanube is an ecommerce platform that enables businesses to create and manage online stores. It offers various features, including customizable templates for the storefront design, inventory management, payment processing, shipping and order tracking, among others. The platform also supports integration with major payment gateways, such as PayPal, MercadoPago, and Stripe, allowing customers to make secure transactions online.

Tiendanube provides a user-friendly interface that requires no coding skills, making it easy to launch an online store quickly. The platform offers different plans based on the business needs, ranging from a free version that allows up to 10 products to a more advanced plan that supports unlimited products and includes additional features like abandoned cart recovery and Facebook Pixel integration. Overall, Tiendanube provides a reliable solution for businesses looking to establish or expand their online presence.

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707 companies are currently using Tiendanube


Sofía de Grecia

10 Employees$42K - $9K$62K argentina17%Export

Elaboramos nuestros produ..

65 Employees$23K - $25K$59K argentina81%Export
Children's Books

7 Employees$33K - $27K$63K colombia42%Export

Empresa líder dedicada a ..

29 Employees$6K - $29K$92K argentina63%Export
Alelu Design

fabricantes de todos nues..

4 Employees$29K - $24K$91K argentina77%Export

59 Employees$6K - $3K$67K argentina60%Export
La Argentina

desde 2004 somos la elecc..

47 Employees$16K - $16K$59K argentina85%Export
Binah Deco

te inspiramos a crear esp..

28 Employees$7K - $6K$89K argentina83%Export

"quien controla el pasado..

3 Employees$21K - $44K$56K argentina86%Export

un calzado cómodo, versát..

17 Employees$48K - $36K$90K argentina93%Export

3 Employees$24K - $3K$58K argentina78%Export
Eco Comunicación® Arg

papeleria sustentable + t..

7 Employees$3K - $43K$93K argentina20%Export
King of the kongo

we are not a brand - we a..

34 Employees$37K - $42K$79K argentina89%Export
Bodega Chakana

18 Employees$25K - $8K$58K argentina78%Export
Posto 5

licenciatarios oficiales ..

22 Employees$13K - $31K$51K argentina82%Export

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Using Tiendanube for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Tiendanube is a valuable asset for sales teams as it allows them to identify potential leads more efficiently. These companies represent a thriving set of businesses actively seeking the convenience and capabilities of an ecommerce platform like Tiendanube. Thus, they might be open to various functionalities that can complement or enhance their current online sales processes.

For instance, if a sales team operates in the ecommerce domain, providing payment gateways, shipping solutions, digital marketing, or other services geared towards optimizing ecommerce business operations, this list can offer an entryway into a concentrated, targeted group of potential clients.

Moreover, recognizing the business sectors heavily leaning towards Tiendanube may serve as a beneficial insight. Such overview might unveil emerging ecommerce trends, enabling sales teams to better curate their sales pitches or adjust their product/service offering to meet the unique needs of these businesses.

Sales teams can also leverage this list to conduct competition analysis by observing how their competitors are leveraging or partnering with Tiendanube. This understanding can inform innovative strategies to position their offerings more competitively.

To sum up, the list of companies using Tiendanube can be used by sales teams to devise more targeted and informed approaches to lead prospecting and enhance the success of their sales endeavors.

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