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TestFreaks is a source that provides impartial reviews of both products and sellers for ecommerce websites. They offer a wide range of information on various products from different brands, as well as guidance on where to find them at the best prices. TestFreaks also supplies users with comprehensive feedback on the sellers themselves, including their customer service, shipping processes, and overall reputation. This helps shoppers make informed decisions when purchasing online, ensuring they are not misled by biased or questionable reviews. By providing unbiased feedback on both products and sellers, TestFreaks aims to help consumers find the best deals, while also ensuring they are receiving high-quality and reliable products.

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126 companies are currently using TestFreaks


PS of Sweden AB

world leader in the desig..

26 Employees$43K - $32K$68K sweden9%Export

customized solutions for ..

16 Employees$5K - $47K$64K sweden80%Export

est. 1891 sweden

49 Employees$31K - $29K$69K sweden1%Export
Houdini Sportswear

an odd band of friends fr..

70 Employees$28K - $17K$98K sweden9%Export

swedish design for urban ..

27 Employees$38K - $4K$91K sweden30%Export
Icebug AB

icebug makes shoes that s..

44 Employees$49K - $43K$53K sweden62%Export
Boob Design AB

the sustainable brand for..

31 Employees$14K - $11K$100K sweden88%Export
Park Cameras

our mission is to provide..

49 Employees$40K - $8K$96K united kingdom..56%Export

the swedish toy house

44 Employees$6K - $34K$76K sweden21%Export
Jula AB

på jula siktar vi högre!

1,416 Employees$4K - $47K$54K sweden4%Export

we are a swedish company ..

39 Employees$34K - $8K$100K sweden51%Export

where everything clicks.

62 Employees$32K - $49K$79K australia45%Export

ecommerce - entregando pu..

54 Employees$15K - $17K$89K costa rica19%Export
Kid Interiør

interiør, tekstil og møbl..

399 Employees$50K - $19K$79K norway79%Export
Newbody Family

sedan 1987 har newbody bi..

54 Employees$17K - $9K$80K sweden62%Export

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Using TestFreaks for finding leads

The list of companies that use TestFreaks technology represents a valuable resource for sales teams. Given the technology's focus on impartial, detailed product, and seller reviews for e-commerce websites, it signifies these companies are invested in improving customer experience, transparency, and information accuracy. That positions them as potential leads for companies selling complementary services and products.

By studying organizations that employ TestFreaks, sales teams can gain a better understanding of their needs, priorities, and business models. This understanding allows for personalized, targeted sales pitches, increasing the chances of a successful sale. For example, if a company offers a solution that improves upon, adds value to, or integrates seamlessly with TestFreaks' review technology, they have a high likelihood of gaining interest.

Moreover, an understanding of a company's needs based on its use of TestFreaks offers a wealth of market insight that can guide product and service development. Technologies or products that complement or improve upon TestFreaks usage would be more likely to generate interest in these leads. Therefore, it presents an opportunity to align sales strategies with market demand more closely.

In addition, it's important to note that this list provides insight into market penetration and competition. It allows sales teams to see where their competitors may already be engaged or regions/markets where there may be an untapped opportunity. These insights can inform strategic decision-making, helping to focus resources on high-potential areas.

To conclude, a list of companies using TestFreaks is a highly valuable tool for sales teams. Not only can it provide a database of potential leads, but it allows for custom-tailored sales strategies, product development focus, and strategic planning, all of which can significantly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of sales initiatives.

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