Companies using is an online review platform that allows businesses to collect and manage customer reviews. It provides a centralized location for customers to leave reviews about their experiences with a business, products, or services.

Businesses can use to request and collect reviews from their customers through email invitations or integration with their website. The platform also offers tools to manage and respond to reviews, analyze customer feedback, and display reviews on their website. has a robust moderation system to ensure that only genuine reviews are published, preventing fake or spam reviews from tarnishing a business's reputation. Additionally, the platform offers advanced features such as sentiment analysis, review tagging, and social sharing, helping businesses to understand and improve their customers' experience.

Customers can trust the authenticity of reviews on since it verifies each reviewer's identity, ensuring that only real customers leave reviews. This transparency builds trust between businesses and customers, making a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their reputation and attract new customers.

Overall, is an effective way for businesses to gather and manage customer feedback, improve their reputation, and increase customer loyalty.

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2,636 companies are currently using



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Using for finding leads

The list of companies using provides a rich mine of potential leads for sales teams. This is because these are active businesses that understand the value of feedback and customer interaction. They have an established system to collect and respond to both merchant and product reviews from real customers, and to share these reviews on Google.

This list is particularly advantageous for those offering services or products that complement such review gathering activities. Businesses found here are already tech-savvy and understand the significance of online presence and reputation. This means they might also be interested in related offerings such as customer experience management, online reputation management, or digital marketing solutions.

Furthermore, the willingness of these firms to utilize a platform like indicates they are open to third-party solutions for improving business functions, thereby signifying a potential interest in other innovative tools and software. As a result, prospectors can use this list to identify potential customers for a broad range of tech products.

Sales teams can further analyze the companies in this list to understand market trends and patterns. They can identify which industries are more inclined toward improving their online reputation and customer feedback mechanisms, offering strategic insights that can guide not only lead prospecting but also product development and positioning.

Given the pivotal role that customer feedback plays in today's digital economy, this list holds companies that are ahead of the curve when it comes to engaging with their customers. This makes them prime targets for sales teams looking to find leads in businesses geared towards technology and innovation.

To access this precious list of prospective companies, a sales pro can use lead prospecting tools designed to gather information about companies using specific technologies, in this case, Approach these prospects based on their established online presence, expertise in managing customer feedback, and pro-activeness in adopting third-party business solutions.

All these happen to be crucial attributes that can be highlighted while pitching your product or service to these potential leads. The value of this list, then, is significant, helping guide time-efficient, well-targeted, and ultimately more successful lead prospecting efforts.

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