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Loox is a reviews app designed for Shopify merchants to help them gather reviews and user-generated photos from their customers. It provides an easy-to-use platform that allows you to collect feedback on your products, build trust with your potential customers, and increase sales.

The app offers various features such as automated review request emails, customizable widgets to display reviews on your website to build social proof, and the ability to showcase customer photos. Loox also enables you to reward customers for leaving a review with discounts or other special offers.

Loox's integration with Shopify makes it easy to install and use within your online store. Moreover, it supports multiple languages, allowing you to receive reviews in different languages and translate them into your desired language.

In summary, Loox is a powerful tool for improving your eCommerce business by helping you collect and display authentic customer reviews and photos. It can help you build credibility, enhance customer relationships, and ultimately drive more sales.

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11,017 companies are currently using Loox



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13 Employees$50K - $38K$54K united kingdom..75%Export
Steeped Coffee

coffee simplified | makin..

31 Employees$34K - $50K$84K united states ..16%Export
Lone Design Club

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20 Employees$1K - $25K$52K united kingdom..29%Export

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Pig Brig Trap Systems

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10 Employees$19K - $25K$67K united states ..22%Export
Nested Bean Inc.

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11 Employees$37K - $26K$55K united states ..4%Export

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5 Employees$2K - $21K$93K canada38%Export

perfecting indoor climate..

29 Employees$26K - $21K$96K united states ..75%Export

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23 Employees$36K - $9K$99K united states ..85%Export
Peepul Tree

a live commerce platform ..

37 Employees$4K - $36K$70K india3%Export

normod designs adaptable ..

69 Employees$44K - $40K$56K türkiye26%Export

building the next generat..

9 Employees$3K - $29K$68K united states ..56%Export

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20 Employees$4K - $15K$68K germany88%Export
Threes Brewing

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25 Employees$45K - $17K$62K united states ..53%Export

active-play products for ..

5 Employees$11K - $27K$58K united states ..21%Export

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Using Loox for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies using Loox offers substantial value by acting as a potent resource for organizations seeking to engage in B2B sales and partnerships. As Loox is a popular reviews application utilized by e-commerce businesses that run on Shopify, its user base consists of many digital enterprises, each a potential source of opportunities.

The list's potential for lead generation is significant. Sales teams can immediately target businesses on the list which can benefit from their products or services. Knowing that these firms leverage Loox provides a foundational understanding of their operations, suggesting they are focused on collecting customer reviews and thus, value customer input and engagement. This insight can guide sales presentations to resonate better with identified needs, increasing the likelihood of successful conversion.

For businesses offering products or services complementary to Loox, this list can be vital. It can be utilized to initiate discussions about potential synergies, collaborations, or partnerships. Additionally, if a business provides services that aid in enhancing the utility of Loox, it can rely on this list to find potential customers.

Further, the list is a valuable tool for studying the market. It provides an overview of the extent and rate of Loox use among Shopify-based businesses, offering insights into market trends and helping firms stay competitive.

Overall, this list of companies using Loox is a powerful tool for sales teams, helping uncover potential leads, identify market trends, develop tailored sales strategies, and explore partnership opportunities, ultimately accelerating business growth.

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