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Avada SEO is a Shopify app that is built and designed using strict SEO practices to help improve the search engine optimization of your Shopify store. Its features include optimizing your website's titles, descriptions, and meta tags, providing targeted keyword suggestions, generating XML sitemaps, and improving website speed and performance for better rankings. The app also offers integration with Google Analytics to monitor website traffic and visitor behavior, which can help you make informed decisions regarding your SEO strategy. Overall, Avada SEO aims to provide an all-in-one solution for Shopify merchants who want to boost their online visibility and improve their chances of appearing higher in search engine results pages.

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7,646 companies are currently using Avada SEO


Remedy Organics

health comes from within...

19 Employees$13K - $2K$83K united states ..63%Export

the new way to work. aero..

13 Employees$40K - $7K$66K united states ..75%Export

multipurpose cult beauty ..

25 Employees$25K - $32K$86K united kingdom..36%Export

clothing that fits every ..

77 Employees$5K - $29K$73K united kingdom..90%Export

preparing parents for the..

189 Employees$35K - $34K$74K united states ..75%Export

the digital face of the p..

27 Employees$39K - $27K$79K canada96%Export
Kryptek Outdoor Group

from battlefield to backc..

16 Employees$15K - $6K$60K united states ..12%Export
MOMO Kombucha | B Corp™

raised in a small glass j..

6 Employees$15K - $19K$75K united kingdom..1%Export

australian label bronx an..

19 Employees$15K - $32K$77K united states ..78%Export

be kind! smile more! be y..

29 Employees$28K - $32K$74K united kingdom..43%Export

netflix meets zara - the ..

112 Employees$30K - $34K$74K united states ..21%Export
Skout's Honor®

environmentally & sociall..

22 Employees$5K - $37K$76K united states ..74%Export
Fleet Hoster

an industry leader in dis..

41 Employees$16K - $9K$78K united states ..88%Export
Leadership IQ

award-winning leadership ..

5 Employees$20K - $45K$72K united states ..33%Export
good natured Products Inc..

better everyday products ..

65 Employees$50K - $44K$65K canada69%Export

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Using Avada SEO for finding leads

This compiled list of companies utilizing Avada SEO offers significant value by pinpointing potential business leads within a vast ecommerce market. As Avada SEO is a widely used Shopify app, with a focus on strong SEO practices, these companies have demonstrated their commitment to highly competitive online visibility and robust digital marketing strategies.

Utilizing this list, sales teams can tailor their prospecting strategy as they'll readily have companies who value quality SEO practices. This can be particularly valuable for businesses selling Marketing, SEO, or E-commerce related solutions, given the demonstrated interest in SEO optimization by these companies.

Since each company on the list is already utilizing Avada SEO, a potent sales proposition could be how the offered services or products can complement the benefits they're already deriving from Avada SEO. With such a focused group, sales teams can reduce the time spent on finding and qualifying leads, providing more opportunities to close sales deals.

This list is an invaluable resource that narrows down the vast ecommerce space into a targeted selection of companies already investing in advanced SEO practices. It can streamline the lead prospecting process, reduce wasted resources on unfit leads, and ultimately, provide a higher probability of securing a positive sales outcome.

Sales teams can leverage this company list to understand market trends, decipher industry preferences for SEO tools, and design personalized sales pitches for prospective customers. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, such direct information gives a competitive advantage, which could be the difference between securing a new client or not.

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