BrightEdge is a digital marketing platform that helps businesses improve their online presence and drive more traffic to their websites. It offers a suite of tools for search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media management. The core of BrightEdge's offering is its SEO toolset, which includes keyword research, site audit, competitive analysis, and backlink tracking. These features help businesses optimize their website content and structure to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more organic traffic. BrightEdge also provides content marketing tools that enable businesses to create and publish high-quality content that resonates with their target audience. These tools include topic discovery, content creation, and content performance tracking. In addition, BrightEdge's social media management tools allow businesses to manage their social media presence across multiple platforms and track the performance of their social media campaigns. Overall, BrightEdge provides a comprehensive set of tools for businesses to improve their online visibility and reach more potential customers. By leveraging its SEO, content marketing, and social media capabilities, businesses can drive more traffic to their websites and ultimately increase their revenue and profitability.

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2,265 Companies using BrightEdge

Foundry Brands

we are founders and opera..

55$17K - $48K$0 united states ..91%

external data is a specia..

148$47K - $20K$23K united states ..84%
Ziply Fiber

speed. security. reliabil..

815$4K - $36K$93K united states ..35%

intelligent test automati..

126$39K - $27K$120K united states ..92%
Once Upon A Farm

organic, cold-pressed sna..

131$7K - $2K$84K united states ..92%
Forescout Technologies In..

Managing cyber risk, toge..

1,019$31K - $46K$90K united states ..48%
Farmers Home Furniture

growing together "...for ..

810$7K - $1K$56K united states ..88%
Current Lighting

improving lives with the ..

798$12K - $21K$17K united states ..75%
Arctic Wolf

At Arctic Wolf, our missi..

2,228$43K - $40K$269K united states ..22%
cPacket Networks

powering hybrid-cloud obs..

117$11K - $29K$23K united states ..32%
NICE Actimize Xceed

cloud-based fincrime and ..

41$33K - $31K$47K united states ..76%
Skinnydip London

fashion accessory brand w..

82$30K - $29K$226K united kingdom..70%
Oak Street Health

oak street health is an i..

3,265$41K - $37K$546K united states ..93%
Beauty 21 Cosmetics, Inc...

72$3K - $22K$90K united states ..64%
Middleby Outdoor

char-griller, masterbuilt..

165$29K - $35K$223K united states ..61%

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How to use BrightEdge

BrightEdge is a comprehensive digital marketing platform that provides marketers with tools to measure and improve their online presence. Here are the basic steps to using BrightEdge:

  1. Set up your account: To get started, you'll need to sign up for an account with BrightEdge. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and provide your billing information.

  2. Connect your website: Once you're logged in, connect your website to BrightEdge by linking your Google Analytics account or uploading a sitemap. This will allow BrightEdge to collect data on your website's performance.

  3. Conduct research: Use BrightEdge's research tools to conduct competitive analysis and keyword research. These insights will help you optimize your website content to rank higher in search results.

  4. Track your progress: Use BrightEdge's tracking tools to monitor your website's performance over time. You can track metrics like traffic, keyword rankings, and social media engagement to see how your marketing efforts are impacting your business goals.

  5. Optimize your content: Use BrightEdge's content optimization tools to ensure your website content is optimized for search engines. These tools will help you identify opportunities to improve your content and make it more visible to potential customers.

  6. Analyze your results: Use BrightEdge's analytics tools to gain insights into your website's performance. These tools will help you identify areas where you can improve your marketing efforts and track the success of your campaigns over time.

  7. Collaborate with your team: BrightEdge allows you to collaborate with your team members and assign tasks to specific individuals. This makes it easier to manage your marketing efforts and ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.

In summary, BrightEdge is a powerful digital marketing platform that can help you optimize your website's performance and improve your online presence. By following these basic steps, you can leverage the platform's tools to gain insights into your website's performance, optimize your content for search engines, and track the success of your marketing efforts over time.

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