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Companies using Yoast SEO for Shopify


Yoast SEO for Shopify is a plugin that optimizes the search engine visibility of Shopify online stores. It provides various features such as creating XML sitemaps, optimizing meta descriptions and titles, and generating canonical URLs. This plugin also includes social media integration where store owners can customize how their store looks on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, it analyzes content for readability and keyword usage and gives tips for improvement. In addition to its default settings, Yoast SEO allows customization of SEO settings for every page, product, or collection of products. It helps shop owners increase traffic to their store and improve their ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). By following Yoast's suggestions, store owners can optimize their store's content and structure to make it more user-friendly and search engine friendly at the same time.

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2,434 companies are currently using Yoast SEO for Shopify


Casa Azul Spirits

a house built on real. re..

25 Employees$5K - $37K$73K united states ..61%Export
Kokoon Technology

unlocking the potential o..

25 Employees$37K - $8K$60K united kingdom..17%Export

the world's most modern i..

66 Employees$41K - $2K$84K united kingdom..92%Export

redefining the way women ..

95 Employees$35K - $46K$79K united states ..82%Export

the leading biotechnology..

47 Employees$32K - $41K$91K united states ..48%Export
John's Crazy Socks

spreading happiness

16 Employees$12K - $29K$66K united states ..45%Export
Bright Cellars

we're the wine club for r..

26 Employees$25K - $42K$70K united states ..24%Export
The Safe + Fair Food Comp..

making delicious, clean l..

18 Employees$44K - $14K$97K united states ..21%Export

sanzo bridges cultures by..

84 Employees$34K - $24K$99K united states ..30%Export

deliciously replenishing ..

12 Employees$3K - $34K$89K united states ..62%Export

your house wine has arriv..

14 Employees$11K - $38K$77K united states ..79%Export
Juicy Chemistry

a range of ecocert certif..

35 Employees$3K - $49K$56K india51%Export

bringing joy to your door..

25 Employees$4K - $39K$53K united states ..1%Export
Done by Deer

danish design – with love..

41 Employees$36K - $36K$62K denmark5%Export

a simple idea - simplify ..

48 Employees$38K - $15K$56K united states ..1%Export

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Using Yoast SEO for Shopify for finding leads

This list provides valuable insights into companies that are maximizing their e-commerce potential by using Yoast SEO for Shopify, a tool that optimizes Shopify stores. This presents an excellent opportunity for sales teams to identify potential leads in a market full of opportunities.

Sales teams can notably benefit by targeting companies using Yoast SEO for Shopify. These companies are already expressing interest in expanding their online presence and optimization, giving a clear signal of their readiness to invest in tools and services that improve business operations.

Analyzing this list offers an understanding of the business size, industry, and product or service type. This information aids in crafting personalized sales pitches, building strategies tailored to the prospect's specific needs, and foreseeing potential interests, thus increasing the chance of sales success.

The use of Yoast SEO for Shopify also indicates that these businesses have a solid mindset in online commerce. Thereby, it allows sales teams to position their offerings more effectively, focusing on how their product or service aligns with the business's digital strategy.

Lastly, as these companies already recognize the value of SEO, it provides an opening for complementary services such as PPC advertising, social media marketing tools, content creation services, web design, and much more. It is a highly targeted lead source where the pitch can be specific and the surrounding context already understood.

In conclusion, this list of companies using Yoast SEO for Shopify serves as a focused starting point, giving sales teams an advantage in qualifying leads, formulating tailored approaches, and closing fruitful deals.

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