Boost Commerce
Boost Commerce

Boost Commerce is a tool designed for Shopify stores that offers advanced product filtering and smart site search capabilities. It aims to improve the shopping experience for customers by providing them with an easy-to-use interface to navigate through products, and find specific items they are looking for. Boost Commerce's product filter allows customers to refine their search based on different attributes such as color, size, price range, and more. The smart site search feature uses artificial intelligence to provide relevant search results, even if the customer misspells a word or has a vague search query. By improving the shopping experience for customers, Boost Commerce helps increase sales for Shopify stores.

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3,502 Companies using Boost Commerce


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45$4K - $34K$69K france92%

wardrobe essentials comfo..

108$2K - $7K$56K united states ..86%
WYSE London

effortless style for wome..

37$45K - $2K$60K united kingdom..77%

igniting the power of fem..

48$17K - $13K$30K united states ..90%

31$30K - $50K$28K united states ..98%
Linda Farrow

90$15K - $21K$74K united kingdom..43%

normod designs adaptable ..

64$45K - $43K$166K türkiye8%
Rokit Vintage

the uk's leading provider..

38$29K - $39K$151K united kingdom..84%
BRADY™ Brand

brady™ | the next generat..

18$39K - $47K$74K united states ..63%

empowering the world to t..

16$49K - $19K$50K united kingdom..27%

helping create a world wh..

28$7K - $30K$54K united states ..68%
Ingrid & Isabel, LLC

inspired by, designed for..

31$13K - $29K$45K united states ..12%
Luke's Lobster

traceable, sustainable se..

144$9K - $20K$90K united states ..41%
Billionaire Boys Club & I..

63$23K - $9K$276K united states ..88%
Nora Gardner

work hard, dress smart. b..

6$8K - $49K$0 united states ..86%

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How to use Boost Commerce

Boost Commerce offers Shopify stores advanced product filtering and smart site search capabilities to improve sales. Here are some ways you can use Boost Commerce:

  1. Implementing Advanced Product Filtering: Boost Commerce enables you to set up advanced filters on your store's product pages, which help customers quickly find the products they're looking for. For example, you can set up filters based on product type, size, color, price range, and more. This helps customers to refine their search results and find the exact products they need.

  2. Creating Smart Site Search: Boost Commerce's smart site search functionality provides customers with accurate and relevant search results. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to understand the intent behind customer search queries and display the most relevant products accordingly. With this feature, customers can easily find what they're looking for without having to sift through irrelevant or unrelated items.

  3. Increasing Conversion Rates: By providing advanced product filtering and a smart site search experience, Boost Commerce can help to increase your store's conversion rates. When customers can easily find the products they want, they are more likely to make a purchase. Boost Commerce also provides analytics tools that allow you to track user behavior and optimize your site's performance.

  4. Improving Customer Experience: Boost Commerce's features enable you to create a better shopping experience for your customers. They can easily find products they're looking for, which makes them feel satisfied and engaged with your store. This leads to increased loyalty and repeat business.

  5. Enhancing Store Aesthetics: Boost Commerce's product filter and smart search features are customizable and can be styled to match your store's overall aesthetic. This helps to create a cohesive and visually appealing online shopping experience for your customers.

Overall, Boost Commerce provides powerful tools that can help you drive sales, improve the customer experience, and enhance your store's aesthetics.

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