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Bloomreach Discovery is an all-in-one web technology solution that intelligently combines various AI-powered functionalities such as site search, SEO, recommendations, and product merchandising. It allows businesses to enhance the user experience on their websites by providing accurate and relevant search results, personalized recommendations, and effective product merchandising. With Bloomreach Discovery, businesses can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to optimize their website for better visibility, higher traffic, and increased sales. By analyzing user behavior and interaction with the website, this tool provides insights that help businesses understand customer preferences, which can be used to improve their marketing strategies. Overall, Bloomreach Discovery is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses to maximize the potential of their online presence, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

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598 companies are currently using Bloomreach Discovery


One Kings Lane

147 Employees$22K - $23K$86K united states ..32%Export

enlightened by design.

144 Employees$11K - $15K$60K united states ..
Visual Comfort & Co.

we bring visual comfort t..

927 Employees$25K - $31K$62K united states ..91%Export
Lion Brand Yarn Company

create a more colorful, c..

87 Employees$16K - $6K$73K united states ..22%Export

with mums for the journey..

178 Employees$34K - $7K$99K united kingdom..23%Export
MKM Building Supplies

the uk's largest independ..

1,396 Employees$12K - $18K$54K united kingdom..1%Export

a leading online marketpl..

190 Employees$30K - $7K$76K united states ..68%Export

go far. feel good.

145 Employees$3K - $33K$88K united states ..75%Export
JanSport, a VF Company

the original since 1967. ..

177 Employees$12K - $12K$90K united states ..84%Export

empowering beautiful, mea..

61 Employees$36K - $9K$84K united states ..24%Export
YDesign Group

ylighting is now lumens.

202 Employees$28K - $32K$64K united states ..18%Export
Visual Comfort & Co. (For..

Experience Visual Comfort..

361 Employees$27K - $24K$77K united states ..82%Export
Hot Topic

Join the forces for good!..

7,133 Employees$50K - $14K$67K united states ..41%Export
Altra Running

you get better inside by ..

172 Employees$5K - $13K$68K united states ..54%Export
Hallmark Cards

when you care enough, you..

16,228 Employees$24K - $31K$75K united states ..70%Export

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Using Bloomreach Discovery for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Bloomreach Discovery forms a vital database for sales teams seeking potential leads. This list boasts a variety of ventures which recognize the importance of advanced search capabilities, SEO, customized recommendations, and product merchandising offered by Bloomreach Discovery. These are companies that value technological innovation, making them ideal targets for businesses offering modern, digital solutions.

Businesses found in this list acknowledge the significance of AI-powered solutions and are enthusiastic about the transformative potential of technology. Therefore, they may be more open to other innovative products and services. This openness substantially increases their viability as potential leads for sales teams providing complementary technologies or services.

Given the broad-ranging application of Bloomreach Discovery's suite of tools, companies from a variety of sectors may be represented in this cohort, providing a diverse set of prospects for lead generation. This range includes, but is not limited to, e-commerce, retail, digital marketing, and other technology-forward sectors, enabling sales teams to target a wider business demographic. In essence, it presents sales teams with the unique advantage of casting a broader net and diversifying their clientele.

Sales teams can leverage this list not just for initial prospecting, but also for more effective segmentation and prioritization of potential leads. They can filter out those who are more likely to be interested in their offering based on their existing use of Bloomreach Discovery, which indicates an orientation towards advanced, digital-led solutions.

Furthermore, the insights gleaned from the behaviors of the listed companies can also be valuable. Understanding how these businesses use Bloomreach Discovery could provide sales teams with a unique viewpoint into their pain points and needs, enabling more tailored and successful pitches.

In summary, this list provides the dual benefit of efficiently identifying potential leads who are already aligned towards digital solutions and equipping the sales teams with insights that can greatly enhance the customization and efficacy of their sales pitches. It represents a fruitful source of prospects for businesses that can comprehensively understand and capitalize on these advantages.

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