Bloomreach Discovery
Bloomreach Discovery

Bloomreach Discovery is an all-in-one web technology solution that intelligently combines various AI-powered functionalities such as site search, SEO, recommendations, and product merchandising. It allows businesses to enhance the user experience on their websites by providing accurate and relevant search results, personalized recommendations, and effective product merchandising. With Bloomreach Discovery, businesses can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to optimize their website for better visibility, higher traffic, and increased sales. By analyzing user behavior and interaction with the website, this tool provides insights that help businesses understand customer preferences, which can be used to improve their marketing strategies. Overall, Bloomreach Discovery is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses to maximize the potential of their online presence, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

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324 Companies using Bloomreach Discovery

Virgin Experience Days

offering consumers unique..

90$44K - $4K$2M united kingdom..83%

a leading online marketpl..

190$31K - $19K$2M united states ..79%

With Mums for the Journey..

85$10K - $11K$906K united kingdom..77%
Springfield Electric

provide innovative soluti..

255$42K - $35K$57K united states ..43%
Hot Topic

Join the forces for good!..

6,638$34K - $23K$9M united states ..77%
My Jewellery

based in den bosch, the n..

586$21K - $46K$1M netherlands71%
Paper Mart

packaging for less | fami..

98$44K - $48K$98K united states ..91%
Visual Comfort & Co.

460$45K - $2K$723K united states ..77%
Visual Comfort & Co. (For..

Experience Visual Comfort..

343$43K - $49K$723K united states ..77%

enlightened by design.

141$27K - $16K$1M united states ..43%


451$39K - $33K$4M united states ..24%

plumbing, heating & hvac ..

341$1K - $11K$95K united states ..91%

#MakeMoreofYourself with ..

5,664$10K - $43K$23M united kingdom..89%
Altra Running, a VF Compa..

you get better inside by ..

161$27K - $49K$901K united states ..57%
Tri-anim Health Services

179$31K - $3K$49K united states ..74%

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How to use Bloomreach Discovery

Bloomreach Discovery is a suite of tools that can help you improve your website's search, recommendations, SEO and product merchandising.

To use Bloomreach Discovery, you can follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account: You can sign up for an account by visiting the Bloomreach Discovery website and selecting the plan that suits your needs.

  2. Integrate Bloomreach Discovery with your website: Bloomreach Discovery provides plugins or SDKs for various platforms like Wordpress, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, etc to make integration easy. You can also integrate it via API.

  3. Customize settings: Once integrated, you can customize the settings according to your requirements. This includes configuring search relevance, filters, facets, synonyms, redirects, boosting rules, autocomplete suggestion, implementing personalization, etc.

  4. Monitor performance: After customizing the settings, you can track the performance of your website by monitoring metrics like search conversion rate, click-through rate (CTR), average order value (AOV), revenue per session, bounce rate, etc. The built-in analytics dashboard in Bloomreach Discovery will help you to do so.

  5. Optimize: Based on the performance metrics, you can optimize your settings to improve the user experience and drive more conversions. For instance, if the bounce rate is high, you can add more relevant content, improve the search algorithm or change the design.

Bloomreach Discovery uses advanced AI-based algorithms to create a seamless user experience by providing highly relevant search results, personalized recommendations, and optimized product merchandising. It also helps you to improve your website's visibility by optimizing for SEO. With Bloomreach Discovery, you can deliver a better user experience, increase customer engagement, and boost sales.

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