Companies using Yext

Yext is a cloud-based search-as-a-service platform that helps businesses manage their online presence by providing accurate and up-to-date information about their locations, products, and services. Yext makes it easy for businesses to ensure that their information is consistent across multiple online directories, voice assistants, maps, social networks, and search engines. With Yext, businesses can manage their digital knowledge in one central location, making it easier to control and update their online listings. The platform also provides analytics to track customer engagement and optimize search performance.

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6,742 companies are currently using Yext



innovating at the interse..

79 Employees$32K - $16K$59K united states ..37%Export
Pensionmark, A World Comp..

a network of retirement p..

164 Employees$10K - $32K$54K united states ..99%Export
Akron Children's Hospital..

more than a job. it’s lov..

4,541 Employees$40K - $44K$65K united states ..10%Export
Advanced Drainage Systems..

we provide clean water ma..

2,114 Employees$7K - $10K$73K united states ..88%Export

producer & importer of me..

101 Employees$47K - $24K$84K united states ..31%Export
Northfield Bank

banking. locally grown.

300 Employees$46K - $11K$51K united states ..2%Export

business transformation t..

17,740 Employees$41K - $22K$99K united states ..41%Export
Pedego Electric Bikes

people first. fun always!..

208 Employees$24K - $10K$77K united states ..12%Export
Greenhouse Software

greenhouse is the hiring ..

789 Employees$35K - $8K$77K united states ..39%Export

scorum is an internationa..

75 Employees$21K - $19K$58K cyprus100%Export
Plum Organics

22 Employees$8K - $22K$55K united states ..47%Export

turn your digital presenc..

2,079 Employees$17K - $45K$86K united states ..16%Export
Power Integrations

innovation in power conve..

1,073 Employees$20K - $30K$93K united states ..79%Export

breaking barriers. buildi..

4,493 Employees$49K - $29K$62K united states ..64%Export
Visit Phoenix

phoenix’s official destin..

71 Employees$38K - $11K$65K united states ..32%Export

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Using Yext for finding leads

A comprehensive list of companies currently leveraging Yext provides a high-value prospecting tool for sales teams. Yext's cloud-based platform is specifically designed for managing digital knowledge and online reputation, thus its users often span categories such as marketing, IT, and operations. Consequently, the diverse range of sectors included in the list provides a broad spectrum for sales teams to explore potential leads.

One of the primary advantages of the list is its visibility into the organizations that prioritize digital information management, essentially those that are serious about their online presence. Companies using Yext demonstrate a willingness to invest in sophisticated software solutions to enhance their digital footprint, signifying a lead with potential budget for further investment. In this sense, sales teams can direct their efforts towards organizations with recognized needs and available resources, saving both time and financial expense in the prospecting process.

Furthermore, sales teams can tailor their approach based on a prospect's tech stack. When a company is already using a platform like Yext, it may be more open and familiar with the benefits of advanced technology. Understanding this aspect will allow the sales team to focus on synergies between their own product offerings and Yext, emphasizing mutual compatibility and potential for integration. It also enables the creation of a more personalized and appealing proposal for the potential client.

Examining the list can also help identify trends in adoption, distinguishing industries or sectors where Yext's influence is gaining traction. From a sales perspective, this awareness makes it possible to segment and prioritize the market, uncovering hotspots of demand and areas of growth opportunity.

In summation, the list of companies using Yext offers a considerable advantage for sales teams. As a prospecting tool, it allows for more focused, efficient, and personalized lead generation, while providing invaluable industry insights and trend analysis.

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