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Ryviu is a cloud-based review management platform that helps businesses to collect, manage and display customer reviews on their website. It offers a simple and easy-to-use interface for business owners to gather and analyze feedback from their customers. With Ryviu, businesses can improve their online reputation by showcasing positive reviews, responding to negative reviews, and tracking customer sentiment over time.

The platform integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, allowing businesses to import product information and reviews directly from their online stores. Additionally, Ryviu offers customizable review widgets that businesses can add to their website to display customer reviews in an attractive and engaging format.

Ryviu also provides analytics tools, including trend analysis and sentiment analysis, which help businesses to understand how customers feel about their products or services. This helps businesses to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to improve their customer experience.

Overall, Ryviu is a powerful tool for businesses looking to manage their online reputation and improve customer engagement. Its user-friendly interface, integration options, and analytics tools make it a valuable addition to any online store.

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1,787 companies are currently using Ryviu


VI Peel

our mission is to help pe..

73 Employees$50K - $26K$94K united states ..46%Export
Talking Tables Ltd | B Co..

bringing people together ..

70 Employees$25K - $36K$72K united kingdom..100%Export
Mavericks Snacks

mavericks is breaking the..

5 Employees$49K - $19K$54K united states ..48%Export
The Beauty Co.

the care you deserve ✨

9 Employees$48K - $37K$54K india79%Export

we find & use only the be..

3 Employees$22K - $49K$73K united kingdom..54%Export

fireboltt is a leading in..

90 Employees$26K - $20K$89K india63%Export

bars with benefits

12 Employees$47K - $18K$92K united states ..45%Export

stationery, gifts, & acce..

42 Employees$9K - $34K$54K united states ..38%Export

products designed for pet..

35 Employees$46K - $28K$72K united states ..7%Export
Davis Instruments

73 Employees$49K - $49K$93K united states ..93%Export

cosmética natural para to..

31 Employees$39K - $19K$78K spain61%Export
Retro 1951, Inc

life is too short to carr..

27 Employees$26K - $50K$91K united states ..71%Export

improving the lives of pe..

4 Employees$20K - $35K$99K united states ..92%Export
i-Blason LLC

mobile accessories & more..

34 Employees$6K - $47K$61K united states ..54%Export

70 Employees$50K - $7K$57K united kingdom..8%Export

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Using Ryviu for finding leads

This comprehensive list delivers value by featuring a wide range of companies leveraging Ryviu, an application that builds social proof for stores through customer product reviews. The diverse mix of businesses represented offers a rich terrain for discovery and potential lead targeting by sales teams.

By inspecting the methods and strategies these companies are using to leverage Ryviu, sales teams can tailor their pitches to highlight these successful applications. This can enhance their chances of connecting with potential leads who are in the market for similar strategies to enhance social proof and product validation.

By providing insights into the different sectors and business sizes using Ryviu, sales teams can narrow down their prospecting efforts. This can increase efficiency by enabling targeted outreach to businesses that are more likely to be interested in similar solutions. Identifying patterns and common traits among these various companies might offer clues for new target markets, thereby expanding the lead pool and the potential for closed deals.

Moreover, the list can serve as a proof point in itself, showcasing the broad application and success of solutions like Ryviu. Highlighting well-known companies on this list during pitches can support sales narratives, leading to increased trust and credibility with potential leads. This list can be an important asset for achieving sales goals.

To summarise, the list of companies using Ryviu carries several advantages for sales teams. It helps enrich prospecting strategies, validate selling propositions, target fit businesses effectively, and ultimately, drive lead generation and closure rates.

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