Companies using Stamped

Stamped is a social networking application that aims to provide users with personalized recommendations for various types of media, including books, movies, music, and restaurants. It was founded in 2011 by Robby Stein, Bart Stein, and Kevin Palms, and acquired by Yahoo! in 2012.

The app allows users to create profiles and connect with friends, as well as follow influencers and experts in specific categories. Users can then browse different types of media and rate them with a simple "stamp" system that indicates whether or not they recommend the item.

Stamped's recommendation engine uses machine learning algorithms to personalize recommendations based on a user's previous ratings and preferences. The app also includes social features that allow users to see what their friends have rated and recommended, and share their own recommendations with their followers.

In addition to its mobile app, Stamped also offers a web-based platform that allows users to access their account and recommendations from a desktop computer. After being acquired by Yahoo!, Stamped was shut down and its team went on to work on other projects within Yahoo!.

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12,159 companies are currently using Stamped



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Using Stamped for finding leads

The list of companies employing Stamped can be a valuable asset for sales teams. It can aid them in identifying businesses which place a high value on reviews and ratings. By targeting these companies actively investing in services like Stamped to curate customer feedback, sales teams are likely to encounter less opposition when introducing related products or services.

Moreover, this list provides insightful information into the companies' dedication to enhancing their customer experience and understanding the customer journey. It allows sales teams to tailor their pitches, as they already know these companies are customer-centric and thus more likely to invest in similar offerings that can augment the customer experience.

The use of Stamped also indicates a company's inclination towards technological solutions, an indication they might be open to other innovative tools or services. Sales teams can accordingly create strategy plans to propose advanced solutions that provide added value to their review and ratings process, or otherwise enhance their customer management approach.

In conclusion, the list of companies using Stamped is a promising starting point for dream leads, a stepping stone to conversations focused on enhancement of customer experience and innovation in the realm of feedback management.

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