Companies using Reputon

Reputon is a Shopify app for managing customer reviews. It helps merchants to collect and display reviews on their website. The app allows customers to rate products and leave comments, which can be used to improve product quality and customer service. Additionally, Reputon provides tools for responding to customer feedback and addressing issues raised in reviews. The app also offers analytics features that allow merchants to track review trends and identify areas for improvement. With Reputon, merchants can build trust with customers by showcasing positive reviews and demonstrating a commitment to improving the customer experience.

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2,428 companies are currently using Reputon


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16 Employees$7K - $18K$63K spain61%Export

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20 Employees$14K - $12K$76K united states ..88%Export
Liberty Society

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20 Employees$6K - $38K$77K indonesia83%Export

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Santa Barbara Nutrients

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16 Employees$24K - $31K$75K united states ..23%Export
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17 Employees$30K - $4K$61K united states ..79%Export

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10 Employees$14K - $44K$78K france49%Export
Eye Emporium Group

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41 Employees$10K - $11K$78K united kingdom..80%Export
Clove & Twine

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28 Employees$19K - $23K$75K united states ..61%Export
US Ophthalmic English

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22 Employees$6K - $6K$86K united states ..36%Export
Aquor Water Systems

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22 Employees$19K - $33K$97K united states ..84%Export
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45 Employees$22K - $4K$90K canada96%Export

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16 Employees$6K - $8K$73K singapore55%Export
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11 Employees$28K - $13K$72K united states ..16%Export
Betterguards Technology

protecting performance

17 Employees$34K - $19K$51K germany97%Export

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Using Reputon for finding leads

Access to a list of companies utilizing Reputon, a widely adopted customer reviews app integrated with Shopify, can yield significant value for sales teams. As a lead prospecting tool, this list can provide sales representatives comprehensive insights into businesses that appreciate and prioritize the power of customer feedback in driving their growth.

One of the key attributes this list brings forth is a clear snapshot of businesses who are investing in ecommerce solutions and giving priority to customer satisfaction. This demographic of companies understands the role of customer reviews in creating trust, enhancing product visibility, and making data-driven decisions, which makes them prime candidates for sales strategies that focus on value-adding ecommerce solutions.

Sales teams can strategize their prospecting efforts around these businesses. The list represents a pool of potential leads who are more likely to respond positively to offerings that promise to improve or complement their existing setup. For instance, businesses offering ecommerce consulting, enhancement applications, online marketing tools, or customer experience solutions may find this list a valuable resource in identifying their next potential customer.

Moreover, studying this list can also give sales professionals a leg up in understanding potential pain points these companies may be facing. With knowledge about the use of Reputon, it becomes easier to devise a sales pitch that directly communicates how their solution solves particular ecommerce or customer feedback related challenges these companies might be experiencing.

In essence, a list of businesses using Reputon offers a goldmine of information for sales teams to harness while generating leads. The list directs their attention toward companies that welcome technological advancements to improve their customer interactions, enhancing their likelihood to consider other tools that align with their success. It can not only fuel their pipeline with promising leads but also potentially shorten the sales cycle, leading to more effective, targeted lead prospecting.

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