Companies using Subbly

Subbly is a web-based subscription ecommerce platform that enables businesses to build their websites, enhance marketing automation, create discount codes, and effectively manage their customers. It allows businesses to set up subscription-based services for their products, so customers can receive regular deliveries of their chosen items. The platform also provides advanced analytics and customer insights to help businesses keep track of their performance and make informed decisions about their strategies. Additionally, Subbly offers a comprehensive set of tools that allow businesses to customize and personalize their websites according to their needs. With Subbly's easy-to-use interface, businesses can easily manage their subscriptions, payments, and sales without any technical expertise. Overall, Subbly is an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to optimize their subscription-based e-commerce operations.

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100 companies are currently using Subbly


Nudo Adopt

sustainable extra virgin ..

5 Employees$41K - $36K$54K italy61%Export

société de personne

10 Employees$8K - $7K$98K france3%Export
Purpose The Therapeutic S..

personalized quarterly su..

1 Employees$29K - $27K$52K united states ..94%Export
Raising The Bar

we curate alcohol-free co..

8 Employees$28K - $2K$87K united states ..73%Export
MouseCalls Technology Sol..

3 Employees$46K - $40K$82K united states ..45%Export
The Indy Box

monthly indy beauty subsc..

3 Employees$7K - $10K$88K united kingdom..24%Export

maison d'édition - créate..

3 Employees$37K - $21K$75K france85%Export
BAM! Autographs

elevate your collection w..

9 Employees$18K - $6K$77K united states ..81%Export

build your plastic-free, ..

3 Employees$31K - $39K$90K united states ..3%Export
Child's Play Box

sustainable children's su..

7 Employees$3K - $26K$85K united states ..93%Export
Hawaii at Home

feel like you are there. ..

3 Employees$25K - $8K$69K united states ..91%Export
La Belle Culture

l'art de se cultiver comm..

4 Employees$24K - $21K$89K france31%Export
The Juice Laundry

23 Employees$24K - $4K$51K united states ..29%Export
Earth & Wheat

the grocery box that redu..

2 Employees$29K - $21K$50K united kingdom..35%Export

the world's #1 selfcare a..

2 Employees$11K - $1K$67K united states ..44%Export

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Using Subbly for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies utilizing Subbly boosts the value proposition by providing a directory of enterprises that are embracing subscription ecommerce in their operations. Companies on this list are committed to enhancing their marketing automation, creating coupon and discount codes and managing their customer base in an innovative and effective manner.

This resource serves as a rich pool of potential leads for sales teams. It leverages the knowledge that such companies have an existing engagement with ecommerce platforms, and specifically subscription models. This understanding allows for more targeted and tailored outreach. For business sectors that offer complementary or supplementary services to Subbly, the ability to identify these companies presents a substantial advantage.

For example, a company that provides services like marketing automation enhancement, website design consulting or customer relationship management can use this curated list to pinpoint potential customers who will likely be interested in their services. By understanding that these companies are keen on streamlining their subscription-based ecommerce activities, sales teams can craft specific proposals outlining how their offerings would further optimize the prospect's operations that are already in sync with the capabilities of Subbly.

In addition, sales teams can also glean insights from this list about current industry trends, and use this information to adjust their own strategies accordingly. Overall, this list is of great value to sales teams in not only lead prospecting, but also in refining their own offering and approach to meet the demands of proactive, forward-thinking businesses.

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