Companies using Statuspal

Statuspal is a software service that provides status page hosting and monitoring to businesses. With Statuspal, businesses can create and customize their own status pages, allowing them to keep customers informed about any issues or downtime that might occur with their products or services. Businesses can also monitor their systems for uptime and performance, receiving alerts whenever there are issues. This allows them to quickly address any problems and minimize downtime. Statuspal offers a range of features, including customizable templates, incident management, integrations with popular services such as Slack and PagerDuty, and detailed analytics and reporting. Overall, Statuspal helps businesses to maintain transparency and communication with their customers, by providing an easily accessible and up-to-date status page.

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36 companies are currently using Statuspal



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100 Employees$5K - $48K$99K germany22%Export
Coordinate Sport

more impact; less work

16 Employees$32K - $6K$82K united kingdom..71%Export

🚨 the incident communica..

4 Employees$1K - $8K$79K germany96%Export

welcome to bidlogix, the ..

7 Employees$23K - $43K$68K united kingdom..30%Export
Vertec Gruppe

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40 Employees$50K - $1K$55K switzerland42%Export
Solcast, a DNV company

need solar data or foreca..

21 Employees$9K - $36K$93K australia14%Export

gosimplo helps your compa..

5 Employees$13K - $3K$62K denmark4%Export

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21 Employees$6K - $15K$91K belgium46%Export

the simplest messaging pl..

7 Employees$24K - $39K$92K nigeria27%Export

unlock the power of choic..

74 Employees$37K - $11K$81K slovakia91%Export
Sigma2 AS - Norwegian res..

sigma2 manages the nation..

19 Employees$5K - $14K$61K norway28%Export
WebmaniaBR® • Ideas into ..

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9 Employees$12K - $20K$84K brazil88%Export
Gift Up!

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2 Employees$48K - $14K$66K united kingdom..58%Export
CabCard Services

low-cost card payment pro..

9 Employees$20K - $26K$97K united kingdom..1%Export
rhöncloud GmbH

cloud-lösungen für eine l..

10 Employees$35K - $14K$57K germany73%Export

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Using Statuspal for finding leads

The list of companies using Statuspal serves as an essential resource for sales teams seeking enterprises that value premium status page and monitoring solutions. This list comprises of businesses across various sectors, revealing their commitment towards maintaining high uptime and quickly addressing downtime issues, both elements imperative to ensuring customer satisfaction.

For sales teams dealing with products or services related to infrastructure management, uptime monitoring, incident response, or any other solutions that can complement Statuspal's offering, this list can be a targeted, high-value prospect pool. It's an opportunity to connect with businesses that understand and invest in the importance of reliable, up-to-the-minute status reporting.

In addition, software vendors who offer accessories, plug-ins, or integrations that can enhance Statuspal's functionality could also benefit from this list. It provides them with prospective leads that already understand the importance of such tools, reducing the need for heavy initial persuasion effort.

For B2B service providers offering consultancy, deployment, or support around similar products, the companies on this list can form a focused subset of potential clients. They are already technology-inclined businesses, likely to be receptive for solutions that either augment their existing status monitoring capabilities, improve the efficiency of their incident response, or maintain their business’ reputation and customer trust.

In summary, the list of companies using Statuspal is an invaluable reference for sales activities. It provides potential leads already vested in maintaining superior customer experience and reliable service operations, presenting an opportunity for sales teams to pitch complementing solutions, products, or services.

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