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Medallia is a customer feedback platform that empowers digital enterprises to collect and analyze feedback from their customers across all digital touchpoints. With the help of Medallia, businesses can listen to their customers' opinions and experiences in real-time, understand their needs, and take action to improve their overall experience.

The platform offers various tools and features to collect feedback from different sources such as web surveys, email, and social media channels. It also provides advanced analytics capabilities to analyze customer feedback data, identify patterns, and trends, and generate insights that can help businesses make informed decisions.

Medallia also enables businesses to communicate with their customers, respond to feedback, and resolve issues promptly. This helps businesses build a loyal customer base by addressing their concerns and improving their satisfaction levels.

Overall, Medallia is an essential tool for any digital enterprise that aims to enhance its customer experience. By providing a comprehensive platform to listen, understand, and act on customer feedback, Medallia helps businesses stay ahead of the competition and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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2,747 companies are currently using Medallia


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30 Employees$39K - $28K$94K germany36%Export

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Using Medallia for finding leads

This curated list of companies utilizing Medallia's customer feedback platform can serve as a valuable resource for sales teams. Medallia is widely recognized for helping digital enterprises listen, understand, and act across various digital touchpoints. Heralded for its complete customer feedback capability, Medallia has attracted numerous businesses across diverse sectors.

The value of this directory lies within the diverse range of enterprises adopting Medallia's services. This wide-ranging appeal indicates that these companies value customer feedback and are proactive in their customer engagement strategy. The list includes businesses of different sizes, verticals, and geographical areas, providing an expansive scope for prospecting.

For sales teams, having access to such a comprehensive list contracts the vast digital landscape to a tailored, potential client listing. This pre-selected pool of companies are known to invest in digital customer experience tools, indicating an inherent value for solutions that enhance customer relations.

Armed with this list, sales teams can tailor pitches to reflect the priorities of these potential clients, underscoring how the team's product or service aligns with ongoing customer feedback initiatives. Additionally, as Medallia has a comprehensive product suite, understanding the specific use-cases of listed companies could reveal additional upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

By examining the companies utilizing Medallia, sales teams might decipher potential gaps in service or unmet needs that can be addressed by their own offerings. This data-driven lead generation strategy can drastically enhance the efficiency and success rate of the sales process.

Additionally, keeping abreast with the list of Medallia users allows sales teams to stay informed about market trends, customer engagement strategy changes, and the general dynamics of the business landscape where customer experience tools like Medallia are in use.

Overall, this list offers a strategic starting point for lead generation, an insight-rich snapshot of the market, and a targeted approach to understanding potential client needs. Merely having the right tools isn't enough, the key to effective prospecting lies in understanding the clientele: who they are, what they need, and how those needs can be fulfilled. This list of Medallia users helps sales teams do just that.

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