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Wufoo is an easy-to-use online form builder that allows users to create and customize various types of forms without any coding experience. With Wufoo, you can build anything from simple contact forms to complex event registration forms with ease. The platform also provides pre-built templates for different use cases, such as collecting payments, conducting surveys, and gathering feedback.

One of the key features of Wufoo is its drag-and-drop functionality, which makes it easy to add fields, labels, and other elements to a form. Users can also customize the appearance of their forms by choosing from a wide range of design options or even adding their own CSS styles. Wufoo's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it ideal for beginners who are new to building online forms.

Another benefit of using Wufoo is its integration with various third-party platforms, including PayPal, Stripe, Mailchimp, and Zapier. This means that you can easily incorporate payment processing, email marketing, and automation into your forms without having to switch between different tools.

Overall, Wufoo is a versatile and powerful tool that can help businesses and organizations of all sizes to streamline their data collection processes, improve customer engagement, and increase conversions. Its affordability and ease-of-use make it a popular choice among small businesses and non-profits, while its advanced features cater to more complex requirements.

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2,302 companies are currently using Wufoo


Women in Manufacturing

the only national trade a..

40 Employees$9K - $34K$85K united states ..6%Export

making world-class market..

77 Employees$37K - $11K$59K united states ..78%Export
San Antonio Food Bank

fighting hunger... feedin..

214 Employees$43K - $23K$50K united states ..99%Export

make everything shoppable..

106 Employees$9K - $4K$93K united states ..51%Export
Hotchkiss Insurance

providing protection in a..

186 Employees$45K - $17K$71K united states ..70%Export
3D Infotech, Inc.

accelerating productivity..

52 Employees$26K - $23K$87K united states ..7%Export
People Newspapers

your first choice for new..

41 Employees$25K - $33K$90K united states ..33%Export
MedMal Direct Insurance C..

insuring a healthy practi..

41 Employees$28K - $24K$52K united states ..43%Export
Young Entrepreneurs Acade..

redefining entrepreneursh..

34 Employees$29K - $49K$58K united states ..30%Export
Arizona Parks and Recreat..

connect | educate | i..

10 Employees$5K - $38K$64K united states ..96%Export
Community Foundation of G..

to serve as a community l..

29 Employees$6K - $15K$55K united states ..34%Export
Persons Services Corp

commercial & industrial c..

150 Employees$32K - $11K$61K united states ..2%Export
Music Institute of Chicag..

stay connected through mu..

148 Employees$5K - $23K$73K united states ..27%Export
Digital Health

independent business, pol..

37 Employees$29K - $33K$61K united states ..57%Export
Paragon Space Development..

life support and thermal ..

144 Employees$32K - $3K$52K united states ..92%Export

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Using Wufoo for finding leads

The list of companies employing Wufoo provides valuable prospecting opportunities for sales teams. Wufoo, a popular online form builder, is utilized by a variety of businesses to design contact forms, manage online payments, generate online surveys, and oversee event registrations.

Inspecting the companies that use Wufoo allows sales professionals to understand the exact needs and use cases surrounding this technology. This knowledge offers an exceptional opportunity to custom-tailor a pitch that directly addresses a potential lead's unique challenges while delivering solutions that enhance their Wufoo experience.

In addition, exploring this list can pinpoint companies that are invested in streamlining their digital interactions. These businesses are likely to appreciate and seek innovative tools that further automate their processes or simplify user engagement. Identifying them can aid in precise targeting of leads who already value the importance of utilizing modern web technology solutions, resulting in more effective prospecting and fruitful sales conversations.

Also, by tracking the types of industries and company sizes that commonly use Wufoo, sales teams can gain insights into broader market trends. This, in turn, can inform the development of sales strategies that align with these trends, as well as support sales forecasting and quota setting.

In essence, the list of companies using Wufoo can be a significant asset in uncovering sales leads, providing valuable market insight, and driving informative, solution-focused conversations with potential clients. It's a unique lens for identifying organizations that prioritize engagement, value efficiency, and are receptive to technological innovation.

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