Companies using Marker is a tool that allows Project Managers, QA Testers, and Agency Clients to capture feedback about issues or bugs they encounter while using web applications. It is integrated into the web browser, where users can take screenshots of the web page, annotate it with comments, and submit it as a bug report directly to developers. This tool helps to streamline the feedback process by providing an easy and efficient way for all stakeholders to communicate issues in real-time. The use of can improve communication between teams by reducing the back-and-forth of emails or chat messages, leading to faster resolution times. Additionally, because captures the user's browser information and devices specs, it provides developers with better information to reproduce and fix the reported issues. Overall, simplifies and streamlines the process of reporting, tracking, and fixing issues across teams.

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1,858 companies are currently using Marker



accelerating climate acti..

47 Employees$39K - $10K$97K germany40%Export

ai pioneer building auton..

97 Employees$23K - $11K$97K united states ..33%Export

vision-oriented ai platfo..

74 Employees$34K - $27K$52K united states ..36%Export

free the founders

45 Employees$4K - $12K$100K united states ..48%Export
Double Dutch Drinks

we believe that in life, ..

23 Employees$40K - $18K$83K united kingdom..29%Export
LiveAction Software

unmatched network visibil..

141 Employees$38K - $47K$57K united states ..16%Export
Partake Foods

our mission at partake is..

35 Employees$47K - $41K$57K united states ..75%Export

liquify trade finance

47 Employees$10K - $12K$98K united kingdom..36%Export

helping providers get pat..

30 Employees$14K - $17K$67K united states ..57%Export

rethinking the future of ..

31 Employees$28K - $27K$54K germany15%Export
Solutionreach, Inc.

deliver better care. make..

368 Employees$40K - $31K$86K united states ..30%Export

sometimes changing one th..

440 Employees$33K - $34K$77K united states ..51%Export

where ai, creative and da..

72 Employees$26K - $13K$68K united kingdom..25%Export

autonomous yard operation..

242 Employees$26K - $6K$69K united states ..31%Export

deliver secure mobile app..

140 Employees$12K - $20K$74K united states ..45%Export

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Using Marker for finding leads

The list of companies using holds immense value as it presents a significant opportunity for sales teams. This curated set of companies represents prime leads. Each company on this list has recognized the need for a sophisticated issue tracking solution, which indicates they value quality, efficiency, and collaborative problem-solving.

With the right approach, sales teams can use this list to target organizations that are already aware of the benefits brings, such as efficient bug and feedback reporting. This understanding reduces the barrier to entry when making a sales approach, as these companies are already tech-conscious and ready to invest in tools that enhance their project management and quality assurance testing processes.

Additionally, the list can aid sales teams in understanding industry trends, as it is representative of companies who are proactively adapting their processes by using cutting-edge tools. This can guide in planning on the direction of their sales strategies by aligning with the current demands and expectations of their prospects in the tech industry.

Sales professionals can further enhance their outreach by tailoring their approach to suit the specific needs of each company. Their understanding of's functionalities can be used to demonstrate the potential of their own product or service.

This list also serves as a blueprint for lead prospecting. It is a great starting point, revealing companies that are clearly committed to efficient and transparent workflows. Sales teams can harvest this set for insights, preparing the ground for meaningful and potentially lucrative relationships.

In conclusion, the list of companies using is a valuable go-to tool for sales teams: it helps in targeted lead prospecting, offers an understanding of industry trends, and assists in shaping sales approaches. The most notable benefit, however, may be its role in offering a significant head-start in the sales process: approaching a tech-aware audience that is ready to discuss further efficiency enhancements.

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