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Instatus is a web-based platform that allows businesses and organizations to monitor the uptime and performance of their websites, servers, and online services. With Instatus, users can easily set up custom monitors to track any aspect of their online presence, including HTTP requests, SSL certificates, DNS records, and more.

Instatus provides real-time alerts via email, SMS, or webhook, notifying users whenever an issue arises with their website or server. This allows users to quickly respond to any downtime or performance issues, minimizing the impact on their business and customers.

In addition to monitoring, Instatus also includes reporting and analytics features, allowing users to track the performance of their website or server over time. This includes detailed metrics such as response times, error rates, and availability percentages.

Instatus is designed to be easy to set up and use, with a straightforward user interface and intuitive navigation. The platform supports integrations with a wide range of third-party tools and services, including Slack, PagerDuty, and Zapier, making it easy to incorporate into existing workflows.

Overall, Instatus is a powerful tool for businesses and organizations looking to ensure the reliability and performance of their online presence. With its robust monitoring, alerting, and reporting features, Instatus provides essential insights into the health of your website or server, helping you stay ahead of potential issues and keep your customers happy.

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193 companies are currently using Instatus



make your crm work on lin..

40 Employees$26K - $25K$97K france84%Export

the world’s first digital..

27 Employees$17K - $36K$66K canada27%Export

the complete service mana..

96 Employees$36K - $3K$52K united states ..72%Export
HALEO Clinic

we help people experienci..

53 Employees$2K - $40K$61K canada94%Export

making consumers your mos..

44 Employees$16K - $11K$71K united states ..24%Export
Kairos Sports Tech

changing the way elite te..

31 Employees$25K - $49K$78K united kingdom..30%Export

the middleware for buildi..

39 Employees$40K - $23K$88K united states ..71%Export

construction technology p..

24 Employees$42K - $30K$74K united states ..20%Export

consistent sales & cs exe..

152 Employees$42K - $5K$97K united states ..70%Export

revolutionizing customer ..

58 Employees$45K - $24K$96K netherlands53%Export
Tomorro (ex Leeway)

the modern contract manag..

48 Employees$22K - $44K$98K france15%Export

next-generation nfts for ..

65 Employees$44K - $26K$80K singapore94%Export

a seamless platform for f..

12 Employees$32K - $22K$77K canada34%Export

open-source feature manag..

34 Employees$23K - $27K$95K norway59%Export
5G Communications

we're brilliant at solvin..

73 Employees$37K - $2K$52K united kingdom..81%Export

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Using Instatus for finding leads

The list of companies using Instatus serves as a comprehensive resource for sales teams on the search for prospective leads. It opens a clear line of sight into organizations that value effective status and incident communication, holding potential opportunities for businesses offering complementary solutions or services in web development, IT infrastructure, customer service, and related fields.

For sales teams, this list provides visibility into companies that prioritize transparent communication, uptime reliability, and proactive incident management – a crucial insight that can shape the sales approach and tactical strategy. By knowing that these businesses rely on Instatus, sales teams can tailor their pitches to highlight how their offerings align with or enhance these scrupulous communication practices.

Moreover, the list serves as a time-saving tool, funneling efforts toward companies already familiar with advanced technological solutions and highlighting organizations with probable budget and need for similar projects. By directing prospecting towards businesses on this list, sales teams can increase the likelihood of engaging leads receptive to further innovation, productivity enhancement, and operational efficiency.

To provide additional context, sales professionals can look into each company's usage patterns and trends. The degree and manner in which each company uses Instatus could further inform sales strategies and help identify which businesses might be the most interested in the team's offerings.

In essence, the list of companies using Instatus is a considerable asset in the lead sourcing process, providing useful insights, and leading sales professionals towards potential clients that hold a higher potential of resulting in successful, mutually beneficial business relationships.

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