Companies using Rollbar

Rollbar is an error tracking and debugging tool designed to help software development teams identify and resolve issues quickly. It integrates with various programming languages, frameworks, and environments, including JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, and more.

When a bug or error occurs in an application, Rollbar captures the relevant data such as stack trace, environment variables, and user information, and then provides real-time notifications to the developers via Slack, email, or other channels. This allows teams to get ahead of errors before they become critical problems.

Rollbar also offers advanced features like code introspection, trend analysis, and custom event grouping to help developers diagnose issues more efficiently. Its dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all errors across multiple projects, enabling teams to prioritize and tackle the most critical issues first.

Furthermore, Rollbar offers integrations with popular tools and services such as Jira, GitHub, Trello, and more. This integration helps developers incorporate error tracking into their existing workflows seamlessly.

Overall, Rollbar streamlines the process of detecting, investigating, and resolving errors in software applications, enabling developers to deliver reliable and high-quality products.

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243 companies are currently using Rollbar


Staycity Group

europe's leading aparthot..

524 Employees$42K - $3K$75K ireland73%Export

a better way to refinance..

179 Employees$9K - $21K$86K united states ..85%Export
Euclid (acquired by WeWor..

euclid connects the physi..

30 Employees$38K - $26K$61K united states ..100%Export

reimagine your workspace...

5,424 Employees$37K - $23K$83K united states ..13%Export
TicketSellers & Eventree ..

on-sale to on-site, we've..

30 Employees$45K - $22K$93K united kingdom..15%Export
Fresh Dental Care

cosmetic dentistry | dent..

37 Employees$23K - $50K$59K united kingdom..13%Export
Edinburgh Dental Speciali..

▫️multidisciplinary speci..

24 Employees$42K - $18K$99K united kingdom..61%Export

spacious transforms avail..

4 Employees$27K - $1K$69K united states ..20%Export

scottish centre for excel..

23 Employees$9K - $39K$90K united kingdom..3%Export

an advisory firm that mat..

5 Employees$39K - $5K$82K australia39%Export
No.65 The Dental Surgery

5 Employees$25K - $44K$83K united kingdom..8%Export
Bunker Labs Los Angeles

we help veteran entrepren..

1 Employees$48K - $13K$78K united states ..75%Export
Acomb Dental Practice

2 Employees$40K - $16K$70K united kingdom..
MeinDach GmbH

3 Employees$17K - $39K$55K germany69%Export
WeWork Food Labs

powering the future of fo..

4 Employees$37K - $8K$99K united states ..95%Export

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Using Rollbar for finding leads

The list of companies using Rollbar offers immense value as this platform is a renowned real-time error tracking tool that helps developers detect and fix bugs in their applications. This list can facilitate lead prospecting significantly in multiple ways.

Firstly, from the business intelligence perspective, this list offers crucial insights such as the potential market size for related technologies, understanding in which industries companies are commonly using it, and gauging the competitiveness of the landscape. Additionally, if a sales team is selling a product or service that augments or complements Rollbar, this list becomes a primed source of filtered leads who could see immediate value in the product or service.

Secondly, this list can assist in targeted marketing campaigns. A sales team can customize pitches for companies already using Rollbar by singling out the advantages that their product or service provides when coupled with Rollbar, thereby improving the chances of positive responses.

Finally, the list also identifies candidate firms that recognize the importance of error tracking for smooth application functionality. These companies are likely to invest in high-quality tools and may be interested in offerings that would either improve their current setup or provide additional benefits.

Overall, having a pre-verified list of companies using Rollbar can provide a robust starting point for a sales hunt, narrowing down potential prospects, and significantly speeding up the information gathering phase of the sales process. It acts as an effective tool to identify, segment, and target potential customers who could benefit from additional products or services, leading to increased opportunities for engagement and making sales teams more efficient.

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