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Splitbee is a web analytics tool that provides insights on website performance, user behavior, and conversion rates. It allows website owners to track user engagement and behavior across multiple pages in real-time. Splitbee collects data using a JavaScript snippet that is added to the website's HTML code.

With Splitbee, users can track things like user sessions, page views, clicks, scroll depth, and form submissions. It also provides A/B testing capabilities for experimenting with different versions of web pages to determine which is more effective in terms of conversion rates.

Splitbee distinguishes itself from other analytics tools by offering features such as heatmaps, session recordings, and funnel tracking. Heatmaps provide visual representations of where users click and scroll on a webpage, while session recordings allow website owners to watch replays of individual user sessions to gain insights into how they interact with the website. Funnel tracking enables website owners to see how users navigate through a specific set of pages and identify potential drop-off points.

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558 companies are currently using Splitbee


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Using Splitbee for finding leads

The list of companies using Splitbee offers invaluable insights to sales teams looking to secure high-potential leads. By leveraging this list, sales personnel can gain information on businesses that value a modern, all-in-one conversion tool. Such understanding fosters the cultivation of strategies specifically tailored towards businesses in need of improving their analytics, automation, and conversion optimization processes.

This compilation of companies not only introduces organizations already aware of the importance of a tool like Splitbee but also reveals businesses making significant strides in refining their customer journey. As these companies are keen on understanding user behavior and pushing personalized messages, they would be prime targets for products or services that complement Splitbee's features.

More importantly, by analyzing the organizations utilizing Splitbee, patterns and trends can be deduced. These might involve the type of industry, company size, or geographical location, which can inform more targeted and efficient prospecting efforts.

To bring in high-quality leads, finding companies that are at the forefront of employing effective tools like Splitbee is essential. They're likely to be forward-thinking, tech-savvy, and open to using relevant technologies to bolster their web operations, attributes that can translate to qualified clients for sales teams. Thus, this list, when used effectively, can significantly streamline sales efforts and increase conversion rates.

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