Companies using SoundManager

SoundManager is a JavaScript library that provides an easy way to play audio on websites. It allows developers to create and control sound objects, which can be used to play MP3, MPEG4, OGG, and WAV files. SoundManager uses HTML5 audio where supported, and falls back to Flash for older browsers. It provides a consistent API across different platforms and browser versions, allowing developers to build robust audio applications with minimal effort. SoundManager also includes many features out of the box, including support for playlists, volume control, and playback state management. It is highly configurable and customizable, allowing developers to tailor it to their specific needs. Overall, SoundManager simplifies the process of working with audio in web applications and provides a powerful set of tools for creating immersive audio experiences on the web.

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15,131 companies are currently using SoundManager


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what you can't measure - ..

16 Employees$18K - $29K$56K denmark89%Export

benekiva delivers configu..

75 Employees$6K - $32K$51K united states ..56%Export
Maiden Home

original design, exquisit..

67 Employees$45K - $20K$54K united states ..80%Export

#1 in healthcare philanth..

74 Employees$49K - $6K$76K united states ..58%Export

empowering better outcome..

26 Employees$29K - $48K$73K ireland11%Export
Cars & Bids

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85 Employees$23K - $38K$76K united states ..27%Export

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150 Employees$13K - $33K$53K united states ..28%Export

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100 Employees$30K - $15K$58K united states ..83%Export
Critical Role

59 Employees$46K - $12K$76K united states ..82%Export

our goal is to ‘restore t..

78 Employees$3K - $29K$64K united states ..3%Export

strategic guidance. tacti..

69 Employees$2K - $4K$61K united states ..91%Export

full-service advertising ..

54 Employees$12K - $42K$94K united states ..50%Export

turn your passion into a ..

145 Employees$30K - $39K$88K united states ..71%Export
NutraBio Labs, Inc.

#withoutcompromise since ..

42 Employees$35K - $15K$86K united states ..86%Export
Capital Investment Adviso..

helping families find hap..

88 Employees$7K - $48K$99K united states ..18%Export

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Using SoundManager for finding leads

This comprehensive list of firms that adopt SoundManager offers several lucrative opportunities for sales teams. It's an extensive collection of businesses that utilize this trusted JavaScript sound API in their operations, ensuring high quality audio outputs and enhanced website experiences. This list is a stepping stone to prospects that know the significance of web technologies, thereby making your sales pitch more pertinent and effective.

The value of this list is manifold. Not only does it provide immediate access to a curated set of forces in the industry, but it also presents a chance to get a glimpse into their technology stack. Understanding a prospect's technology usage can inform customization of your product or solution's sales pitch to match their needs more intimately.

Rest assured, each company on this list is interested in maintaining high-quality standards for their audio output on the web. This signals an appreciation for high-quality technology solutions, potentially positioning these companies as lucrative business opportunities. With this list at disposal, sales teams can focus their energies on crafting winning strategies rather than exhausting efforts on lead generation.

By identifying commonalities between these companies, your sales team can segment prospects based on various characteristics. Such clusters can guide tailored outreach and allow for more personalized, effective pitches. Moreover, this list can serve as a benchmark for identifying other possible leads using similar technologies.

In conclusion, this is more than just a list of companies; it's a roadmap that can guide sales teams to promising opportunities. Through insight into these businesses' technology preferences, the pitch preparations can be more targeted and prospective client interactions more productive. Whether it's for understanding the breadth of SoundManager's usage, creating targeted sales strategies, or identifying similar potential leads, this list is an invaluable tool for amplifying sales operations.

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