Companies using Sonobi

Sonobi is an ad technology company that provides advertising tools and solutions to media publishers, brand advertisers, and media agencies. They specialize in creating innovative ad products that help their customers better engage with their target audience. Sonobi's ad technology enables media companies to increase their revenue by optimizing ad placement and ad formats. The company's solutions include programmatic ad buying and selling platforms, audience targeting tools, and real-time bidding systems. Sonobi helps advertisers reach specific audiences through custom advertising campaigns and advanced targeting algorithms. They also offer data-driven insights into consumer behavior to help publishers and advertisers make informed decisions about their ad strategies. Overall, Sonobi's goal is to provide the best possible advertising experience for both publishers and advertisers while maximizing revenue for all parties involved.

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728 companies are currently using Sonobi



stocktwits is the largest..

71 Employees$48K - $17K$90K united states ..13%Export
Stars and Stripes

the official account for ..

365 Employees$48K - $36K$61K united states ..98%Export
Honolulu Star-Advertiser

the pulse of paradise.

189 Employees$20K - $7K$61K united states ..48%Export
The Source Magazine

55 Employees$50K - $43K$94K united states ..94%Export

leading the charge since ..

16 Employees$22K - $17K$52K united states ..25%Export
Kitco Metals Inc.

#hiring - many positions ..

125 Employees$15K - $2K$88K canada37%Export

serving eastern pennsylva..

170 Employees$28K - $44K$86K united states ..8%Export
All Access Music Group, I..

42 Employees$46K - $26K$92K united states ..27%Export
Alternative Press

music. news. shop. tv. in..

90 Employees$46K - $22K$75K united states ..87%Export

miltary, national securit..

9 Employees$23K - $9K$59K united states ..35%Export

the leader in good news a..

10 Employees$5K - $13K$80K united states ..93%Export
Charleston RiverDogs

working every day to #mak..

84 Employees$8K - $10K$88K united states ..45%Export
NTD Television

to uplift and inform soci..

296 Employees$47K - $31K$51K united states ..25%Export

military culture, foreign..

14 Employees$8K - $9K$54K united states ..36%Export
Daily Camera

73 Employees$45K - $21K$82K united states ..44%Export

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Using Sonobi for finding leads

The list of companies that use Sonobi provides immense value, as it effectively serves as a detailed roadmap for sales teams to target potential lead prospects. Sonobi's prominence as an ad technology developer offering advanced advertising solutions makes it a preferred choice among media publishers, brand advertisers, and media agencies alike. Thus, the companies using Sonobi are highly likely to value innovation in advertising and marketing technology, making them ideal prospects for businesses offering related products or services.

By using this list, sales teams can save a significant amount of time that would normally be spent on research and data collection. They can focus directly on companies who are already utilizing advanced ad technologies, indicating a willingness to invest in solutions that enhance their advertising and marketing capabilities.

Sales teams can leverage this tailored list of Sonobi users to streamline their prospecting process. It provides a clear picture of the companies willing to invest in advanced technology to boost their advertising efforts. Sales professionals can then craft highly targeted campaigns and pitching strategies, significantly increasing the chances of a successful proposition. The list also supports efficient segmentation, allowing sales teams to categorize companies based on different criteria, such as the size of the business, their industry, or their specific use of Sonobi's solutions.

Moreover, the list offers insights into trending market behaviors and helps identify patterns among companies adopting Sonobi's solutions. This could be a leading indicator of wider market trends, giving sales teams the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

In essence, this comprehensive list of companies using Sonobi provides sales teams with actionable data. It grants them the understanding necessary to approach potential clients equipped with relevant information. This sets the stage for meaningful dialogue with these prospects and significantly enhances the likelihood of shaping mutually beneficial business relationships.

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