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Slider Captcha is a web technology that's used to prevent spam and abuse on websites. It presents the user with an image puzzle, which they must solve by sliding puzzle pieces into their correct positions. This mechanism helps distinguish humans from bots because bots often struggle with solving such puzzles. By using Slider Captcha on their website, web developers can reduce the amount of spam and abuse that they receive from automated bots. The service is provided for free and can be easily integrated into a website using its API.

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200 companies are currently using Slider Captcha



passionate about helping ..

14 Employees$44K - $38K$59K hong kong2%Export
Eden Gallery

a global network of fine ..

132 Employees$7K - $49K$89K united states ..4%Export
Solomon Systech Limited

135 Employees$22K - $37K$84K hong kong14%Export
Ghidini Lucitalia Lightin..

light ideas for bright id..

29 Employees$7K - $29K$82K italy68%Export
Einnovention Web Design C..

mobile app & web developm..

14 Employees$10K - $47K$68K united states ..
Paxel Indonesia

paketmu sehari sampai

594 Employees$47K - $27K$61K indonesia92%Export
Tokodistributor - B2B Mar..

harga grosir tanpa minimu..

41 Employees$30K - $31K$97K indonesia77%Export
Alcor Asociados, S.L.

eficiencia jurídica y cap..

11 Employees$5K - $11K$81K spain95%Export
Regroupement québecois d..

bien chez nous ,comme nul..

6 Employees$27K - $6K$69K canada4%Export
UPoD Dijital Gelecek Topl..

yetenekleri dünya çapında..

32 Employees$16K - $45K$80K türkiye46%Export
The JMOR Connection, Inc

we make it easy™ wall st..

5 Employees$14K - $39K$61K united states ..89%Export

46 Employees$39K - $32K$72K australia45%Export

modern accountancy soluti..

4 Employees$31K - $4K$99K united kingdom..46%Export
Fyooz Studio

6 Employees$49K - $23K$62K singapore1%Export
Lunik Intelligence Techno..

19 Employees$49K - $18K$92K canada32%Export

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Using Slider Captcha for finding leads

The list of companies using Slider Captcha is a valuable resource for sales teams seeking to identify potential leads. As Slider Captcha is a service that deals with website security, businesses employing this technology demonstrate a commitment to protecting their digital assets from spam and abuse. By accessing this list, sales teams, especially those offering cybersecurity solutions or advanced security measures, can pinpoint businesses that understand and prioritize web security.

Moreover, as Slider Captcha is a free service, businesses on this list may be open to cost-effective solutions, indicating a potential interest in other cost-saving technologies or services. Sales teams can utilize this insight to tailor their proposals and approaches to the financial preferences of these businesses.

Additionally, this list showcases the versatility of Slider Captcha users, ranging from small businesses to larger corporations, making it a comprehensive source of potential leads across various market sizes and industries. With this list, sales teams can carefully segment their prospects based on industry type or size, refining their strategies accordingly.

Finally, given that updating and fortifying web security is often an ongoing process, these companies may be interested in solutions that further strengthen their security infrastructure or that complements their existing Slider Captcha defense. This can open doors for prolonged engagements and nurture long-term business relationships.

Thus, the list of companies using Slider Captcha offers a focused and rich pool of potential leads for sales teams. It provides the starting line for engaging with businesses that appreciate and invest in web security, offering unique opportunities for companies that align with these values.

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