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Shoppiko is an ecommerce platform solution in India that offers both ecommerce websites and mobile applications. It allows businesses to create their online stores and sell products or services online. Shoppiko provides the necessary tools and features to set up and manage an ecommerce business, including product management, inventory control, order management, payment gateway integration, and customer support functionalities.

With Shoppiko, businesses can customize their online stores according to their brand identity and design preferences. The platform also offers various templates and themes to choose from, making it easier for businesses to create visually appealing and user-friendly online stores.

Additionally, Shoppiko provides features to optimize the online shopping experience, such as responsive design for mobile devices, search engine optimization (SEO) tools, and social media integration. These features help businesses attract more customers and increase sales.

Overall, Shoppiko is a comprehensive solution for businesses in India looking to establish and manage their ecommerce presence efficiently.

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1 Employees$25K - $38K$95K india5%Export
Jagdish Foods - India

- Employees$44K - $9K$80K india97%

Using Shoppiko for finding leads

The list of companies using Shoppiko will present a valuable resource for sales teams seeking to tap into the vast potential of the ecommerce market in India. This list provides insights into the businesses that are already leveraging the ecommerce platform, painting a clear picture of the type of clientele Shoppiko caters to.

Sales teams can utilize this list by turning it into a targeted pool of potential buyers. These businesses have already shown a propensity to invest in ecommerce solutions, making them prime candidates for complementary products or services. Thinking in terms of their needs - whether it's upgraded software, analytics tools, logistics support, or digital marketing services - these are the businesses that are most likely to take an interest.

Additionally, the list provides an opportunity to better understand the ecommerce landscape in India. Sales teams can study the operational details, industry trends and specific needs of these companies, using this information to refine their sales tactics or product offerings.

Moreover, it serves as a benchmarking tool, a practical resource that sales teams can use to develop competitive analysis. By analyzing the types of companies that use Shoppiko, sales teams might spot trends, reveal gaps, or identify underserved niches within the market.

In sum, a list of companies that use Shoppiko is a useful tool for sales teams to find quality leads, make informed outreach strategies and ultimately drive their sales growth in the Indian ecommerce sector.

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