Companies using Shopaholic

Shopaholic is an open-source ecommerce ecosystem that provides plugins and themes to enable the rapid development of online shopping websites. It offers a variety of tools for building projects of different sizes, from small online shops to larger ones. With its customizable themes and plugins, Shopaholic allows developers to create unique and engaging online shopping experiences that cater to specific business needs. The platform also offers flexibility and scalability, making it suitable for businesses looking to grow their ecommerce website over time. Overall, Shopaholic serves as a valuable tool for developers looking to streamline the ecommerce website development process and create high-quality online shopping experiences for their clients.

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29 companies are currently using Shopaholic


Diamond Blade Warehouse

"a cut above the rest"

65 Employees$9K - $3K$82K united states ..6%Export
Electrical Projects Austr..

electrical consulting eng..

14 Employees$10K - $15K$86K australia1%Export
Sepulveda Building Materi..

sepulveda building materi..

34 Employees$32K - $42K$59K united states ..16%Export

distinguished in bespoke ..

27 Employees$10K - $27K$96K italy73%Export

kommunikation ist leben

27 Employees$42K - $29K$87K germany82%Export

desde hace 50 años en la ..

65 Employees$21K - $5K$58K argentina47%Export
Centauria Srl

29 Employees$48K - $33K$55K italy8%Export
Mundo Tri

mundo tri é o maior porta..

3 Employees$43K - $49K$73K brazil14%Export

Провідний український вир..

1 Employees$50K - $6K$56K ukraine92%Export
UPP Uniformes

Empresa con 20 años de ex..

1 Employees$40K - $35K$79K uruguay34%Export

Philippine contemporary a..

2 Employees$22K - $9K$96K philippines11%Export

3 Employees$14K - $3K$64K belgium89%Export

¡vive como sueñas!

83 Employees$11K - $17K$87K colombia70%Export
Caffé Maresca

2 Employees$28K - $42K$71K italy66%Export
Younit app

دنیای کالای پزشکی و دندان..

1 Employees$35K - $5K$61K iran, islamic ..9%Export

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Using Shopaholic for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies utilizing Shopaholic offers immense value to sales teams aiming to discover fresh leads. As an established open-source ecosystem of plugins and themes for fast-paced ecommerce website development, Shopaholic is actively being used by numerous businesses, from fledgling startups to well-established companies, for online shop creation.

Recognizing the companies that are harnessing Shopaholic technology's capabilities gives sales teams a bird's eye view of a vibrant and diverse market. It enables them to quickly identify potential prospects who benefit from ecommerce solutions.

This list can serve as a launching pad for lead generation efforts. By understanding the types of organizations that commonly use Shopaholic, sales teams can narrow down their target demographic, effectively streamline their outreach, and craft highly tailored proposals or pitches that speak directly to the challenges and needs of businesses in the ecommerce sector.

Moreover, such a list can act as a timely and dynamic resource for prospecting, noting the burgeoning startups that gravitate toward Shopaholic's flexible solution, or identifying new market segments as existing businesses diversify into online sales.

Additionally, the list provides visibility to the level of adoption of Shopaholic technology across various industry sectors. This further refines the prospect identification process, allowing sales teams to pinpoint sectors in which the use of Shopaholic is gaining popularity and target their sales efforts accordingly.

Overall, this list of companies using Shopaholic is not just a mere register of names. It's a strategic tool for intelligent lead discovery, facilitating targeted, informed, and effective sales initiatives.

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