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Selly is an ecommerce platform that specializes in selling digital goods. It allows users to easily upload and sell digital products such as software licenses, game keys, and other digital content. Selly provides a secure payment system that supports various payment methods including PayPal, Bitcoin, and more. Users can also customize their storefronts and product pages with various design and branding options. Selly offers analytics tools to track sales, traffic and other metrics to help sellers optimize their stores. With Selly, buyers are able to receive their purchased products instantly after payment is completed, making it a convenient platform for both buyers and sellers of digital goods.

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Ready, Set, Block!

Ready, Set, Block! is a g..

9 Employees$14K - $34K$65K united states ..47%Export

Using Selly for finding leads

This compilation of companies utilizing the Selly ecommerce platform serves multiple value propositions. Primarily, this list offers an opportunity for sales teams to target businesses already familiar with digital commerce and the sale of digital goods. These businesses, using Selly, have a demonstrated interest in ecommerce solutions, likely are willing to leverage new technologies, and may be open to services and products that enhance their selling abilities, streamline operations, or increase profitability.

Through this directory, sales teams can also understand the variety of industries engaging in digital selling and craft more sector-specific pitches. In the dynamic landscape of online commerce, understanding the technology stack of businesses gives an upper hand in tailoring the right solution or an entry-point product that appeals to their specific needs.

Moreover, sales teams can use this collection to identify patterns or trends among Selly users, such as prevalent business sizes, locations, or market sectors. Such insights can contribute to developing new strategies, prioritizing lead generation efforts, and focusing on high-potential areas.

To sum up, the directory of companies using Selly is a valuable tool for sales teams seeking lead generation in the digital commerce ecosystem. It enables them to understand their prospects better, tailor their approach to potential leads, and identify new markets\spheres to expand their business reach.

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