Companies using Sellix

Sellix is an ecommerce payment processor that accepts various payment methods such as PayPal, PerfectMoney and cryptocurrencies. It provides a platform for online merchants to securely sell their products and services and receive payments from customers. With Sellix, merchants can easily manage their sales, monitor transactions, and access important data insights in real-time. Additionally, Sellix offers features such as fraud detection, chargeback protection, and customizable checkout pages to ensure the safety of both merchants and customers during transactions. Overall, Sellix provides a convenient and secure way for businesses to process payments and manage their ecommerce activities.

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8 companies are currently using Sellix


RankViz Pvt Limited

result oriented blogger o..

46 Employees$24K - $42K$96K united kingdom..99%Export

web3 native media, confer..

6 Employees$11K - $50K$75K germany70%Export
Formerly Known As (FKA)

audio brand, design & lab..

1 Employees$29K - $28K$59K united states ..80%Export
UniGlobal Careers

one-stop shop for interna..

1 Employees$17K - $23K$94K united kingdom..51%Export
MacroFED - Algo Trading S..

looking for investors wit..

- Employees$16K - $11K$80K albania16%Export

rotating residential prox..

- Employees$23K - $9K$51K -70%Export

- Employees$9K - $25K$81K united states ..65%Export
Gospel Dj Drops

Gospel Dj Drops your one ..

- Employees$15K - $19K$50K -78%Export

Using Sellix for finding leads

This curated list of companies that use Sellix makes for a potent resource for sales teams in the hunt for quality leads, offering numerous advantages.

Firstly, it simplifies targeting efforts by providing a ready-made selection of businesses already utilizing ecommerce payment processing technology. These businesses have demonstrated a propensity towards tech-forward solutions, making them prime candidates for new product introductions or upgrades relevant to their field.

Secondly, knowledge of their use of Sellix reveals valuable information about their payment processing preferences. It indicates their openness to diversified payment methods, such as PayPal, PerfectMoney, and cryptocurrencies. This knowledge can support more personalized, targeted sales pitches, and can aid in offering precisely tailored solutions to their business needs.

Thirdly, this list enables segmentation of potential leads. By studying these companies more closely, team can uncover subtler insights. This segmentation enables more accurate lead scoring and prioritization, leading to more efficient use of sales resources.

Moreover, understanding the type of companies that lean towards Sellix can provide insights into demographic trends, market niches, or industry groups that might be open to similar products and services.

In summary, a list of companies using Sellix is an invaluable tool for sales teams, promoting targeted lead prospecting, pitch personalization, lead segmentation, and insightful trend analysis.

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