Companies using Sellacious

Sellacious is a powerful and intuitive open-source ecommerce platform designed to help businesses create and manage their online stores with ease. It provides a comprehensive set of features that make it easy for merchants to sell their products or services online, including product management, order processing, payment gateway integration, and shipping management.

One of the key strengths of Sellacious is its flexibility and customization options. Merchants can easily customize their storefronts to match their branding and unique business needs. The platform also offers a wide range of extensions and plugins that can be used to add new features and functionality to the store, such as social media integration, SEO optimization, and multi-language support.

Sellacious also comes with a robust set of reporting and analytics tools that provide valuable insights into store performance and customer behavior. This data can be used to optimize the store for maximum conversions and profitability.

In addition to its extensive feature set, Sellacious is also highly scalable and can handle large volumes of traffic and transactions without slowing down. It supports multiple currencies and payment methods, making it easy for merchants to sell to customers around the world.

Overall, Sellacious is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a powerful, flexible, and affordable ecommerce solution that can help them grow and thrive in today's competitive online marketplace.

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29 companies are currently using Sellacious



49 Employees$35K - $20K$87K united states ..40%Export
Electro Technik Industrie..

"emerging technology & in..

30 Employees$10K - $40K$80K united states ..58%Export
Flame Enterprises Inc.

celebrating 53 years as t..

29 Employees$25K - $41K$92K united states ..84%Export
The Music Link

35 Employees$38K - $10K$92K united states ..94%Export
GoFourward Webdesign & Ho..

wij ontwerpen met passie ..

4 Employees$27K - $22K$78K netherlands79%Export
Maxtech engineers

air pollution control & d..

6 Employees$35K - $17K$98K india42%Export

success by design

15 Employees$14K - $43K$52K united states ..15%Export
Microwave Components, LLC..

Franchised, small busines..

16 Employees$40K - $45K$77K united states ..75%Export
NDT Texas

iso 9001:2015 certified

1 Employees$38K - $31K$76K united states ..21%Export
Cofan Taiwan(Thermal)

we provide innovative, in..

1 Employees$30K - $45K$81K taiwan64%Export

Gewoon opgelost

2 Employees$20K - $22K$66K netherlands35%Export

powering the sic evolutio..

24 Employees$40K - $6K$92K united states ..3%Export
Chateau Restaurant

52 Employees$34K - $43K$100K united states ..75%Export
Maxtech Engineers - India..

2 Employees$16K - $7K$58K india5%
Nova Microwave Inc

2 Employees$6K - $42K$60K united states ..69%Export

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Using Sellacious for finding leads

The comprehensive list of companies provided distinctly underlines businesses utilizing Sellacious, an eminent open-source ecommerce and marketplace platform that bridges the gap between physical point-of-sale (POS) systems and online stores. This list is a treasure trove for sales teams, providing a well-structured ground for lead prospecting.

One of the key benefits of this list is its potential to streamline your targeted outreach strategy. By identifying firms that already employ Sellacious, sales teams can align their solutions with the unique needs of these businesses. Whether selling a complementary product or offering services that optimize the use of Sellacious, having access to such a list helps sales teams to focus their energies on truly viable leads.

Additionally, the list illuminates trends within industries and sectors that are actively harnessing Sellacious. Spotting such trends can bolster sales efforts by guiding teams towards broader market segments that may be receptive to similar technologies or services, thus widening the funnel of potential leads.

Lastly, the list provides a roadmap for fostering strategic partnerships. Organizations using Sellacious might be potential allies or channel partners who can bundle your offerings with their product or refer your solutions to their customers, thereby multiplying the avenues for sales.

Given these benefits, it's easily discernible that such a list of Sellacious users can be a force multiplier to your sales efforts, providing a guided pathway to convert leads to clients, and opening doors to new partnerships and opportunities.

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