Companies using ReviewSolicitors

ReviewSolicitors is an online platform that provides clients with a space to share their experiences and rate the services of legal professionals in the UK. The platform aims to create transparency and accountability within the legal market by allowing clients to provide honest and unbiased feedback on their experiences.

ReviewSolicitors is free and independent, meaning that it does not charge clients or legal professionals anything for using the platform. The platform is entirely client-led, which means that all reviews and ratings come directly from clients who have used the services of a legal professional.

The platform allows clients to search for legal professionals by location, area of practice, and rating. Clients can also read reviews left by other clients to help them make informed decisions when choosing a legal professional.

For legal professionals, ReviewSolicitors offers a way to showcase their services and reputation to potential clients. Legal professionals can claim their profiles and respond to client reviews, demonstrating their commitment to providing quality services and addressing any concerns raised by clients.

Overall, ReviewSolicitors seeks to improve the legal market in the UK by promoting transparency and accountability through the power of client feedback.

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1,081 companies are currently using ReviewSolicitors


mfg Solicitors LLP

leading regional law firm..

182 Employees$50K - $25K$75K united kingdom..64%Export
Harrison Drury Solicitors..

harrison drury solicitors..

160 Employees$18K - $12K$91K united kingdom..27%Export
Oracle Solicitors

defined by our people

142 Employees$18K - $30K$87K united kingdom..56%Export
OTB Legal

otb legal is a specialist..

17 Employees$21K - $28K$54K united kingdom..3%Export
Myerson Solicitors

we are an award-winning l..

144 Employees$6K - $46K$66K united kingdom..38%Export
Thursfields Solicitors

proud to put people first..

131 Employees$23K - $3K$66K united kingdom..87%Export
Quigg Golden

construction and procurem..

27 Employees$22K - $28K$70K united kingdom..71%Export
Miller Samuel Hill Brown ..

legal services that you t..

35 Employees$28K - $32K$89K united kingdom..89%Export
Pepperells Solicitors

your partner for life

156 Employees$43K - $20K$71K united kingdom..45%Export
Herrington Carmichael LLP..

a full service law firm o..

173 Employees$14K - $27K$73K united kingdom..7%Export
Sills & Betteridge Solici..

established regional law ..

256 Employees$12K - $27K$53K united kingdom..28%Export
Eatons Solicitors

eatons solicitors are her..

39 Employees$42K - $24K$87K united kingdom..81%Export
BTMK Solicitors

btmk solicitors - lawyers..

95 Employees$21K - $5K$82K united kingdom..57%Export

our dedication is your su..

12 Employees$28K - $24K$88K united kingdom..23%Export
Sternberg Reed

in legal need? think, ste..

70 Employees$25K - $41K$89K united kingdom..68%Export

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Using ReviewSolicitors for finding leads

The curated list of companies employing ReviewSolicitors technology provides a comprehensive resource for sales teams that target businesses in the legal market. As this technology is client-led and focuses specifically on the UK legal sector, companies engaged with it are actively prioritizing customer feedback and improving their service offerings.

The value of this list is multi-fold:

  1. Targeted Prospecting: Companies utilizing ReviewSolicitors are likely to appreciate the importance of technology and client feedback in the legal sector, which suggests they may be open to discussions about products or services that further enhance their customer experience or operations.

  2. Industry-Specific Insight: As ReviewSolicitors is exclusive to the legal industry in the UK, this list offers a focused view of potential leads within this sector.

  3. Reputational Assessment: A company's engagement with ReviewSolicitors can be an indicator of its commitment to transparency and responsiveness to client needs, traits which could influence the success rate and approach of your prospecting efforts.

Extracting value from this list for lead generation could involve the following steps:

  1. Research: Understand each company's use of ReviewSolicitors, their scope of legal services, and their clientele. This will inform engagement strategies.

  2. Segmentation: Group companies by specific parameters–for instance, their specializations within the legal sector. This provides more targeted sales pitches, enhancing success probability.

  3. Approach Strategy: Tailor the sales pitch to incorporate knowledge about the company’s use of ReviewSolicitors. The readiness of these companies to embrace technology to amplify customer service signals potential openness to other, complementary tech solutions.

  4. Follow-Up: After making initial contact, continually provide value and nurture leads, using the insights obtained from their use of ReviewSolicitors and customer feedback they received on the platform.

Through such a strategy, this list of companies using ReviewSolicitors becomes a vital tool for more effective and targeted lead prospecting in the UK legal market.

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