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Reinvigorate is a web analytics tool that provides real-time data on website traffic, visitor behavior, and engagement. It helps website owners track the performance of their site by providing insights into user actions such as clicks and pageviews. Reinvigorate also offers heatmaps and clickmaps to visually represent user patterns on a website. One of its unique features is the ability to track individual users and their behavior over time using a "ping" system. This allows website owners to see how often a particular user visits, what pages they view, and how long they stay on the site. Reinvigorate provides a dashboard interface with customizable widgets to display key metrics, and can integrate with other web tools such as WordPress and Shopify. Its pricing model is based on the number of daily visitors a website receives, with options for monthly or yearly billing.

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5 companies are currently using Reinvigorate


Corcoran Expositions, Inc..

a turnkey solution for yo..

34 Employees$28K - $26K$65K united states ..45%Export

Pave the way to top-fligh..

1 Employees$5K - $40K$71K -26%Export
Demand Systems Ltd

- Employees$46K - $22K$61K -59%Export
A & R Coates Events Photo..

- Employees$41K - $7K$75K united kingdom..77%Export

making complex sites simp..

- Employees$32K - $43K$94K -21%Export

Using Reinvigorate for finding leads

This curated list of companies using Reinvigorate provides immense value to potential vendors and service providers. These organizations are utilizing Reinvigorate, a real-time web analytics platform known for catchment area definition, visitor heat maps, and desktop heat maps, which signifies their implementation of state-of-the-art analytics tools.

Value of the List

This list serves as a strategic asset for those seeking to establish business relationships with companies already experienced with advanced analytics technologies. Potential vendors broadcasting products that complement or even enhance the capabilities of Reinvigorate, can use this list as a starting point.

Sales teams, third-party application developers, consulting firms, or even training providers who specialize in analytics fields should consider this list as their initial focus when prospecting for clients. Its utility lies not just in an inventory of companies, but in identifying organizations that recognize the benefits of investing in advanced analytics tools and thus, may be receptive to relevant products and services.

Supporting Sales Efforts

For sales teams, the list's value can be seen in multiple facets beyond just a source of prospect names. It can help optimize lead generation efforts by zeroing in on businesses already equipped with Reinvigorate's technology.

These entities are likely more attuned to the value of data measurements and analytics, creating a warm environment for pitches related to enhancing their data analytics capabilities. Instead of spending time explaining baseline concepts, sales professionals can focus on showing value—thereby potentially shortening sales cycles.

In addition, this list can also provide valuable insight into the industries and markets that find value in Reinvigorate's offerings. Sales strategy can be tweaked and personalized pitches can be crafted, based on the industry representation in the list.

In sum, this register of companies using Reinvigorate provides an insight-laden jumping-off point for sales teams hunting prospects and looking to hone their strategies. Armed with this list, teams can focus their outreach on primed prospects, streamlining and potentially bolstering their sales efforts.

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