Companies using Refersion

Refersion is a popular affiliate management app designed to help businesses scale their affiliate marketing efforts. It provides an easy-to-use platform that allows merchants to create their own affiliate programs, manage affiliates, track sales and commissions, and automate payouts. The app's intuitive dashboard makes it simple for businesses to monitor the performance of their affiliates in real-time, track conversions and keep track of ROI. By automating the entire process, Refersion frees up merchants to focus on other aspects of their business while their affiliate program continues to grow.

One of the key benefits of Refersion is its flexibility. Its customizable commission structures enable businesses to reward affiliates for various actions such as clicks, leads or sales, while also setting different commission rates and rules for each product or campaign. Refersion can be integrated with many popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce, giving businesses the ability to use their preferred e-commerce tools.

Overall, Refersion is a powerful app that simplifies affiliate management, saves time, and helps businesses increase revenue by leveraging the power of affiliate marketing. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Refersion is an ideal tool for businesses looking to expand their online presence and grow their affiliate network.

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5,263 companies are currently using Refersion



beauty & body essentials ..

26 Employees$13K - $31K$74K united states ..24%Export

monitor and improve indoo..

33 Employees$7K - $1K$54K united states ..72%Export
Partake Foods

our mission at partake is..

35 Employees$15K - $46K$97K united states ..88%Export

product design company he..

133 Employees$9K - $20K$95K united states ..33%Export

stay a breath ahead.

28 Employees$26K - $15K$83K denmark27%Export
Good Clean Love

natural and non-toxic sex..

28 Employees$20K - $41K$58K united states ..25%Export

welcome to the pique life..

34 Employees$7K - $31K$99K united states ..15%Export

igniting children’s love ..

22 Employees$36K - $8K$63K united states ..3%Export

creators of custom consol..

17 Employees$42K - $21K$57K finland55%Export

the world's smartest docu..

39 Employees$7K - $44K$59K germany15%Export

pioneering the boxing lif..

38 Employees$40K - $43K$90K united kingdom..3%Export

hiring and matching top 1..

185 Employees$36K - $10K$69K united states ..88%Export
Perfect Keto

empowering your health jo..

22 Employees$32K - $48K$78K united states ..32%Export
Ten Thousand, Inc.

training gear developed a..

57 Employees$7K - $47K$77K united states ..87%Export
G.O.A.T. Fuel, Inc.

be great. fuel to inspire..

30 Employees$40K - $20K$89K united states ..30%Export

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Using Refersion for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies utilizing Refersion presents a valuable resource for sales teams who are looking to identify potential leads. Refersion is an affiliate management app widely used by a variety of businesses, indicating a readiness to leverage digital tools for enhancing marketing strategies.

By focusing on companies that use Refersion, sales teams can pinpoint organizations which value affiliate relationships and collaborative marketing efforts. These businesses are likely to be receptive to new partnerships, innovative solutions, and growth opportunities that can streamline their affiliate management process further.

This list is a beneficial starting point for efficiently segmenting the target market. It provides a scope for understanding the organization's size, industry, and business model before outreach, enabling the sales teams to tailor their messaging to match the specific needs and pain points of each potential lead.

Additionally, by analyzing the industries strongly represented on the list, sales teams can better understand where their offerings might have the most impact, aiding them in adjusting their approaches and focusing their efforts strategically.

By capitalizing on this information, sales teams can create a targeted, data-backed strategy to approach prospective clients who are already showing an interest in affiliate marketing solutions such as Refersion. This improves the likelihood of conversion, resulting in a more efficient and successful sales process.

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