Companies using Recharts

Recharts is a charting library that is built exclusively for React applications. It is component-based, which means it provides pre-built charting components that can be easily integrated into React projects. Recharts offers a variety of charts such as line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and more. It also has customizable features such as tooltip, animation, and responsive design.

Recharts uses the power of D3.js, which is a powerful data visualization library, to render complex graphs and charts. However, unlike D3.js, Recharts offers an easy-to-use API, making it easier for developers to create charts within React applications.

One of the major advantages of Recharts is its modularity. Each chart element is designed as a separate React component, which means developers can easily customize, combine or reuse them in other parts of their application.

Overall, Recharts is a valuable tool for React developers who need to incorporate complex data visualization and charting into their projects quickly and easily.

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103 companies are currently using Recharts



the power of wall street ..

26 Employees$37K - $2K$76K united states ..67%Export
artxpro Private Limited

no. 1 digital marketing a..

54 Employees$27K - $32K$60K pakistan62%Export

we make great seo tools t..

179 Employees$6K - $36K$54K singapore29%Export
Grão Direto

compre, venda e tenha a m..

144 Employees$31K - $31K$90K brazil30%Export

one platform for all inve..

14 Employees$19K - $27K$63K sweden83%Export

launch an investment stra..

4 Employees$37K - $36K$57K united states ..95%Export
Algert Global LLC

22 Employees$43K - $44K$73K united states ..48%Export

the worlds leading renewa..

38 Employees$31K - $33K$81K united states ..8%Export

guiding businesses toward..

7 Employees$41K - $29K$89K spain42%Export
Documenso, Inc.

the open source docusign ..

6 Employees$34K - $6K$59K united states ..21%Export
Braggawatt Energy

turnkey solar energy solu..

3 Employees$20K - $37K$68K united states ..100%Export

the modern platform for b..

13 Employees$19K - $39K$50K united states ..14%Export
IMAN (500 Global w22)

infrastructure for banks ..

61 Employees$1K - $39K$63K united states ..88%Export

web3 investment guide, a ..

3 Employees$17K - $7K$62K united states ..52%Export

redefining access to priv..

2 Employees$19K - $4K$72K ireland13%Export

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Using Recharts for finding leads

Accessing the list of companies using the Recharts technology provides numerous value. This wealth of information is especially beneficial for sales teams as they aim to target companies already familiar with component-based charting libraries and React applications.


  1. Competitor Analysis: Recognizing companies that deploy Recharts for their business’s graphical representations gives a bird's eye view of potential competition. Sales teams can leverage this to understand the market better.

  2. Prospecting Potential Leads: Businesses already using Recharts likely prioritize sleek, interactive data display. Thus, they will be open to solutions that complement or enhance their React applications or data-visualization strategies. This alignment of interests makes them excellent leads for sales teams providing relevant offerings.

  3. Tailored Pitching: Awareness of a company's use of Recharts enables more personalized and targeted pitching. Sales representatives can speak directly to how their product or service integrates or improves upon the Recharts framework, making their pitch more compelling and relevant.

  4. Networking: The list provides opportunities for networking with other organizations utilizing Recharts. Establishing a network within this circle leads to potential partnerships, collaborations, and referrals.

  5. Market Trends: Identifying patterns in the types of businesses, sectors, or company sizes that utilize Recharts can reveal essential market trends or niche areas for exploitation.

In this case, a list of companies using Recharts is an invaluable resource for sales teams. It opens the door for targeted and effective prospecting, enhancing potential for generating fruitful leads, and cultivating long-lasting business relationships.

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