Companies using TradingView

TradingView is a web-based platform that provides traders and investors with powerful analytical tools to visualize and analyze financial markets. The platform offers users the ability to view real-time market data, including charts and quotes for stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices from around the world.

Traders can use TradingView's advanced charting tools to perform technical analysis and conduct in-depth market research. The platform’s intuitive user interface allows users to customize their charts with a wide range of indicators, drawing tools, and other features to suit their individual trading style.

In addition to charting capabilities, TradingView also provides a social network for traders to interact and share ideas. Users can follow other members, create watchlists, and receive alerts for price movements or news events. The platform also includes a backtesting feature that enables traders to test their strategies in a simulated environment before risking real money in the market.

TradingView is available as both a free and paid service, with premium features such as unlimited saved chart layouts, extended historical data, and access to premium data feeds. The platform’s popularity has grown rapidly in recent years, with millions of active users worldwide, making it one of the most comprehensive and widely used financial analysis platforms on the web.

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1,513 companies are currently using TradingView


US Lighting Group (OTC:US..

integrating intelligent d..

12 Employees$5K - $5K$74K united states ..85%Export

what's next in payments &..

96 Employees$13K - $2K$60K united states ..89%Export

future of digital. educat..

21 Employees$49K - $10K$68K united states ..50%Export

trade with an ecn broker ..

33 Employees$48K - $26K$74K united kingdom..3%Export
Zara FX

trade with confidence, tr..

34 Employees$27K - $8K$69K united arab em..34%Export
Money Protects

financial partners for yo..

20 Employees$15K - $41K$51K united arab em..39%Export
Fobi AI

powering data-driven digi..

32 Employees$27K - $19K$71K canada68%Export
Rubicon Organics™

rubicon organics™ produce..

119 Employees$15K - $28K$97K canada95%Export
Eos Energy Enterprises, I..

eos is accelerating the s..

263 Employees$47K - $4K$53K united states ..67%Export

sharper insight. smarter ..

159 Employees$38K - $30K$69K united states ..90%Export
American Infrastructure G..

utilizing artificial inte..

17 Employees$11K - $13K$80K united states ..100%Export
High Tide Inc.

the rising tide of cannab..

163 Employees$6K - $31K$57K canada80%Export
Disruption Banking

#disruptionbanking: bring..

7 Employees$2K - $25K$88K united kingdom..2%Export
Brodie International

manufacturers of the most..

59 Employees$35K - $37K$90K united states ..8%Export
Crónica Global

periodismo independiente,..

39 Employees$41K - $2K$93K spain28%Export

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Using TradingView for finding leads

Having access to a compilation of corporations leveraging TradingView can serve as a vital resource for sales teams to unearth potential business opportunities. The list reveals key insights into companies that prioritize real-time data visualization, analytics, and market updates for decisive trading purposes.

When sales teams examine the roster of TradingView adopters, they gain the capacity to refine their prospecting strategy. It facilitates an enhanced understanding of the marketplace, specifically which businesses emphasize strategic market analytics. Accordingly, these teams can craft offerings and outreach strategies that better cater to the needs of such companies.

Furthermore, due to the nature of TradingView's purpose, businesses adopting it are forward-thinking, with a keen eye on market dynamics, technology integration, and data-driven decision-making. Consequently, pinpointing such prospects could introduce sales teams to clients who are more likely to be responsive to advanced, innovative solutions.

Moreover, this consolidated list instills a comparative perspective. The knowledge of competitors who are yet to adopt this technology can be equally valuable. Sales teams can position their solutions as a tool to level the competitive playing field or even to obtain a substantial competitive edge over non-users in the same industry.

Finally, companies on this list typically value data accuracy and quick access to global markets. Sales teams with solutions that augment these aspects gain the ability to present their value proposition more compellingly.

Therefore, a list of companies using TradingView offers multiple advantages. From knowledge of potential leads to strategic competitor awareness to a more targeted sales approach, such an information resource is an essential tool in the modern sales landscape.

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