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KaTeX is an open-source JavaScript library that enables fast and high-quality rendering of mathematical expressions on the web. It was developed by Khan Academy to provide a more efficient alternative to traditional LaTeX systems, which can be slow and difficult to integrate with web technologies.

KaTeX is designed to be lightweight and easy to use, allowing developers to add math typesetting capabilities to their web applications without requiring extensive knowledge of LaTeX. It supports a wide range of math symbols and functions, including fractions, integrals, matrices, and more.

One of the key advantages of KaTeX is its speed. Because it is built using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it can render math expressions much faster than traditional LaTeX systems. This makes it ideal for use in applications that require real-time updates or complex calculations.

In addition to its speed, KaTeX also offers excellent compatibility with modern browsers and devices. It is fully responsive, meaning that it can adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions, and it works seamlessly with a variety of platforms and frameworks, including React, Vue.js, and Angular.

Overall, KaTeX is a powerful and flexible tool for displaying mathematical expressions on the web. Its speed, ease of use, and compatibility make it an ideal choice for developers looking to enhance the math capabilities of their web applications.

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1,006 companies are currently using KaTeX


Third Space Learning

so every student can acce..

111 Employees$50K - $48K$80K united kingdom..39%Export
Contrarian Thinking

at contrarian thinking, w..

22 Employees$28K - $48K$59K united states ..20%Export
risc zero

powering the decentralize..

35 Employees$6K - $2K$70K united states ..67%Export

vector database trailblaz..

117 Employees$28K - $6K$88K united states ..53%Export
Interface Fluidics

making extreme condition ..

35 Employees$10K - $32K$85K canada58%Export
Inertial Labs, Inc.

attitude is everything

62 Employees$14K - $19K$51K united states ..48%Export

connecting millions to ec..

79 Employees$35K - $25K$97K india73%Export
Lumina Decision Systems

analytica is the no-code ..

15 Employees$36K - $1K$79K united states ..95%Export
B12 Consulting

custom solutions for real..

39 Employees$14K - $15K$52K belgium52%Export

auxiliamos sua empresa na..

13 Employees$6K - $29K$98K brazil50%Export
MASS Analytics

discover our end-to-end m..

54 Employees$24K - $43K$96K united kingdom..60%Export
iSocialWeb Marketing

agencia mk online. client..

20 Employees$33K - $8K$86K spain60%Export

the art of antibody disco..

117 Employees$45K - $19K$59K estonia44%Export
Binx.io | Part of Xebia

At Binx.io, we share a pa..

36 Employees$14K - $17K$92K netherlands93%Export
XReadyLab.com | Best VR e..

stem vr and 3d simulation..

9 Employees$40K - $44K$51K united states ..14%Export

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Using KaTeX for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing KaTeX serves as a valuable resource for sales teams in multiple ways. Firstly, it provides a direct line to a targeted market of companies already recognizing the value of implementing web-friendly mathematical notation. This signifies an interest in enhancing the quality of their digital content, particularly where complex mathematical expressions are involved.

As these companies have adopted KaTeX, they might also be interested in similar technologies that could complement or enhance their existing solutions. Therefore, understanding this list can help sales teams tailor their approach to these specific needs, making for more effective pitching of relevant products or services.

Moreover, each company's decision to use KaTeX hints at a level of technical sophistication, likely implying a more general openness to technology-based solutions. Sales teams focused on tech products have an instant advantage here, as these companies are probably more receptive to pitches that incorporate technological innovation.

Lastly, this roster of KaTeX users also gives sales teams a status update on the competitive landscape. Knowing what technologies are being used by various industry players can lend insights into current trends, helping to predict which types of solutions might be in demand in the near future.

For the aforementioned reasons, an up-to-date list of companies using KaTeX is an essential tool for sales teams looking to really understand their prospects and enhance their lead prospecting strategy.

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