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Raphael is a popular JavaScript library that enables web developers to draw and manipulate vector graphics on the client side of their websites. Vector graphics are images that can be scaled up or down without losing quality, which makes them ideal for creating responsive designs that look great on any device.

Raphael is cross-browser compatible, meaning it works seamlessly across different web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This saves developers time and effort by eliminating the need to write separate code for each browser.

One of the key features of Raphael is its simple and intuitive API (Application Programming Interface), which makes it easy to learn and use for developers of all skill levels. With just a few lines of code, developers can create complex shapes, paths, and animations.

Raphael also offers a wide range of built-in methods and tools for manipulating vector graphics, including transformations, gradients, patterns, and text. Plus, it supports touch and mouse events, making it ideal for creating interactive visualizations and diagrams.

Overall, Raphael is a powerful and versatile tool for creating vector graphics on the web. Its ease of use, cross-browser compatibility, and rich feature set make it a popular choice among web developers who want to enhance their websites with high-quality graphics and animations.

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22,943 companies are currently using Raphael



a new way to invest in co..

29 Employees$2K - $18K$78K ireland96%Export

top-rated payroll, hr, an..

157 Employees$39K - $34K$100K united states ..31%Export

zoey helps b2b and wholes..

22 Employees$39K - $10K$60K united states ..95%Export
Hillhouse Construction Co..

a commercial general cont..

35 Employees$22K - $20K$88K united states ..31%Export

building technology to co..

106 Employees$19K - $25K$55K switzerland56%Export

a professional staffing s..

105 Employees$34K - $2K$63K united states ..49%Export
Abeona Therapeutics

working together to find ..

113 Employees$2K - $8K$97K united states ..29%Export
Sister District Project

we leverage volunteer ene..

30 Employees$41K - $24K$53K united states ..37%Export

sap staffing solutions

24 Employees$13K - $41K$98K united kingdom..53%Export
Jefferson Parish Economic..

attract. grow. create.

27 Employees$43K - $28K$64K united states ..56%Export
New Silver

fintech company providing..

30 Employees$9K - $9K$52K united states ..98%Export
National Society of Profe..

champion - guide - advanc..

107 Employees$4K - $39K$69K united states ..27%Export
Center for Popular Democr..

cpd is nurturing a new ge..

120 Employees$43K - $50K$69K united states ..63%Export

simplifying commercial re..

34 Employees$26K - $42K$55K united states ..89%Export
Custom Power

battery systems and energ..

66 Employees$26K - $39K$92K united states ..93%Export

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Using Raphael for finding leads

Raphael is a popular JavaScript library that supports cross-browser vector graphics. This technology is leveraged by a multitude of businesses worldwide, ranging from SMEs to large-scale corporations, across different industries.

This curated list provides concrete insights into the diverse assortment of companies using Raphael. It's more than just a list—it's a resourceful goldmine for sales teams. It serves as a critical starting point for businesses to scrutinize potential leads who could benefit from their solutions.

Valuable insights provided by this list include the scale, industry, and geographical location of companies using Raphael. Such information can support sales teams in identifying patterns and market trends. This awareness around Raphael usage could guide the creation of tailored solutions or marketing strategies that resonate with these companies.

When equipped with knowledge about the operational activities of potential leads, including their use of technologies like Raphael, sales teams can craft highly personalized pitches. They can effectively highlight the unique benefits and compatibility of their offerings—significantly enhancing the potential for successful lead conversion.

Moreover, strategic B2B collaborations might also be possible, as companies on the list might be looking for partnerships to optimize their use of Raphael.

In essence, the list of companies using Raphael provides valuable data necessary for comprehensive lead analysis. It enables sales teams not just to understand their target market better, but also to devise effective outbound sales strategies and nurture promising business relationships.

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