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Ramda is a functional programming library for JavaScript. It provides a set of functions that makes it easier to work with data in a functional way. Ramda encourages a style of programming where functions are composed together to create more complex functions, rather than modifying data directly. This approach can lead to code that is more modular and easier to reason about. Ramda also emphasizes immutability, which means data is not changed once it is created. Instead, new data structures are created based on old ones. Ramda's functions are designed to work with immutable data structures, making it easier to write pure functions that do not have side effects. Ramda includes many useful functions for working with arrays, objects, and strings, as well as tools for currying, composition, and partial application. Overall, Ramda is a powerful tool for developers who want to write functional code in JavaScript.

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1,627 companies are currently using Ramda



the fastest job portal on..

70 Employees$42K - $42K$91K united arab em..69%Export

our mission: to get safer..

4,216 Employees$33K - $2K$51K united states ..60%Export

iab empowers the media an..

653 Employees$28K - $39K$81K united states ..35%Export
Dreamlines GmbH

117 Employees$17K - $26K$51K germany32%Export

a global furniture compan..

76 Employees$19K - $31K$87K canada57%Export
Kisaco Research

we bring our clients both..

103 Employees$37K - $27K$77K united kingdom..64%Export
Skelt Beauty Brands

fórmulas inteligentes e c..

94 Employees$4K - $46K$88K brazil19%Export
Synapse Florida

synapse connects innovato..

39 Employees$31K - $17K$95K united states ..3%Export
Motorola Mobility (a Leno..

23,850 Employees$10K - $50K$95K united states ..83%Export
Kopenhagen e Chocolates B..

Nosso propósito: Conexões..

2,645 Employees$13K - $6K$51K brazil82%Export
Murals Your Way

dedicated to transforming..

14 Employees$29K - $20K$87K united states ..37%Export
Tecidos Kite

impulsionando o mercado b..

82 Employees$17K - $39K$54K brazil61%Export

reelgood is an award-winn..

43 Employees$34K - $16K$97K united states ..95%Export
Product Science

performance management pl..

37 Employees$27K - $39K$57K united states ..67%Export
Smart Point

leaders in sustainable sm..

117 Employees$26K - $37K$56K spain64%Export

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Using Ramda for finding leads

This page presents a curated collection of companies that employ Ramda in their technology stack. The list provides a valuable resource for sales teams by offering a strong starting point to discern potential leads in the realm of functional programming.

Ramda, being a practical, functional library for JavaScript, implies certain technical preferences and practices in the companies that use it. Consequently, the list also indirectly reflects the technological orientation and the sophistication of the user base, highlighting businesses that value immutable, side-effect free code, indicative of high standards in code quality.

Understanding this, sales teams can leverage this list to identify and pursue organizations valuing robust, functional programming principles. This knowledge can yield more meaningful conversations with leads about their technology needs, help tailor the product or service pitch to resonate with their technical inclinations or showcase how one's offerings might fit into their Ramda-based environment.

Furthermore, the list assists sales teams in prioritizing and focusing their outreach efforts. By targeting companies known to work with Ramda, the possibility of irrelevant pitches is minimized, which enhances productivity and helps establish credibility with potential clients.

In summary, this compilation of companies using Ramda offers a specific, concentrated lead pool, helping sales teams to streamline their outreach, foster informed conversations, and ultimately boost their conversion rates in the realm of functional programming.

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