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Qiankun is a JavaScript library that enables developers to create a micro-frontend system. It provides a framework for bundling multiple applications into a single page application, allowing independent development, deployment, and scaling of each application. Qiankun abstracts the communication layer between the different applications and provides mechanisms for sharing data across the different applications. It also offers features such as dynamic loading and unloading of applications, shared routing, and global state management. Qiankun is designed to work with popular front-end frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular. It allows developers to build a modular system where each module operates independently of other modules, which can be useful in large applications with multiple teams working on different parts of the frontend. Overall, Qiankun can help developers achieve better code organization, faster development, and easier maintenance of complex systems.

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73 companies are currently using qiankun



evri is the uk’s biggest ..

7,398 Employees$38K - $21K$50K united kingdom..74%Export

your gateway to the world..

439 Employees$50K - $37K$84K cayman islands..23%Export

now you can reach global ..

59 Employees$20K - $14K$81K united states ..50%Export

trade payment丨fx manageme..

351 Employees$39K - $34K$95K china89%Export

中国领先的营销自动化平台 www.jingdigi..

73 Employees$6K - $13K$92K china55%Export
Airdoc Technology Inc

more intelligence , bette..

37 Employees$49K - $16K$94K china39%Export

we remove communication b..

3 Employees$40K - $50K$69K united kingdom..14%Export

it's a sure thing.

1 Employees$34K - $48K$61K united states ..39%Export
Capital Airlines


98 Employees$34K - $11K$70K china56%Export
Alibaba Cloud Global

61 Employees$42K - $32K$92K china40%Export

the uk’s biggest dedicate..

4,652 Employees$45K - $42K$61K united kingdom..67%Export

3 Employees$36K - $5K$57K china27%Export
Alibaba Digital Media & E..

1,263 Employees$34K - $12K$76K china88%Export
Gate Ventures

we invest in decentralize..

4 Employees$4K - $43K$88K singapore63%Export
Specialist Sales Academy

first of it's kind adhd s..

2 Employees$44K - $33K$100K united kingdom..34%Export

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Using qiankun for finding leads

The list of companies using qiankun can serve as a valuable resource for sales teams seeking to find leads in the web development and IT industry. This list is particularly useful for businesses that provide products or services related to JavaScript-based frameworks, micro frontends development tools, or any web technologies that can integrate with qiankun.

The fact that a company is on this list demonstrates it is invested in cutting-edge web development practices, indicating potential interest in additional tools or services within this space. Sales teams can leverage this information to strategize and tailor their pitch specifically towards the needs of companies making use of qiankun.

Furthermore, the list can also serve as an insight into the company's tech stack that can assist in understanding overall operational processes of the potential leads. It enables prediction of other technologies the company might be using or interested in. Considering the trend of micro frontends, the list could be a strong indicator of companies willing to adopt new and innovative web development architectures.

It's important to note that a company's commitment to using qiankun may reflect its size, industry, and resources. Organizations that have adopted this library are likely to have advanced development teams and could be more open to considering new tools, products, or services aligning with their technical stack.

On the other hand, companies on this list may also have specific needs or challenges associated with the large-scale use of qiankun. Sales teams can investigate these challenges and tailor their offerings to meet these needs, creating a win-win situation.

In conclusion, a list of companies using qiankun can help sales teams identify promising leads, understand prospective clients' needs and challenges, and tailor offerings in a way that aligns with the current technological environment of these potential clients. Maintain this list by keeping it current and comprehensive ensures that sales teams have the best, most accurate information at their fingertips when they're ready to make their pitch.

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