Companies using PerimeterX

PerimeterX is a technology provider that offers scalable security solutions for web, cloud and mobile-based threats. Their approach is based on analyzing user behavior to detect and prevent malicious activities and protect against automated attacks such as bot attacks, DDoS attacks and application-layer attacks. PerimeterX's technology is designed to be easy to integrate into existing systems, with minimal disruption to user experience, and provides real-time threat intelligence to help businesses stay ahead of emerging threats.

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1,305 companies are currently using PerimeterX



the cannabis industry’s m..

14 Employees$7K - $26K$89K united states ..86%Export

96 Employees$25K - $4K$72K united states ..61%Export
RingLead: a ZoomInfo Comp..

#1 data orchestration pla..

26 Employees$39K - $40K$99K united states ..45%Export
Seeking Alpha

seeking alpha is the worl..

899 Employees$2K - $9K$94K united states ..29%Export

weedmaps is the technolog..

636 Employees$18K - $10K$94K united states ..13%Export
Visual Comfort & Co.

we bring visual comfort t..

604 Employees$14K - $32K$98K united states ..32%Export

our mission is to help ev..

379 Employees$23K - $11K$89K united kingdom..12%Export

the platform developers l..

240 Employees$7K - $26K$85K united states ..38%Export

unlock multi-cluster, mul..

40 Employees$7K - $34K$60K united states ..45%Export
Simon Property Group

this is retail transforme..

3,547 Employees$20K - $3K$85K united states ..95%Export
PerimeterX (now HUMAN)

perimeterx is the leading..

77 Employees$49K - $42K$92K united states ..95%Export

join our journey as we tr..

1,201 Employees$14K - $7K$69K united states ..20%Export
Gregory Mountain Products..

exploration is about the ..

46 Employees$50K - $24K$96K united states ..95%Export

kiva is on a mission to e..

352 Employees$17K - $6K$91K united states ..60%Export
HealthiNation from GoodRx..

we're the leading provide..

14 Employees$42K - $3K$86K united states ..87%Export

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Using PerimeterX for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies utilizing the PerimeterX technology offers a unique spotlight into the technology space - a key resource for anyone seeking digital-leaders. Understanding the trends and preferences of these companies can provide instrumental insights into where the market is heading. The behavior-based threat protection technology is widely prevalent in businesses across multiple sectors, thereby underscoring how diverse and adaptable PerimeterX is.

Sales teams that are attentive to this list will quickly identify with businesses that place a premium on securing their web, cloud, and mobile platforms at a large scale. Once aware, marketers can tailor their pitches to align with the priorities of these businesses, such as emphasizing products or services that enhance or complement PerimeterX's features in the cybersecurity realm. The businesses in question invariably assign significant value to web security, creating a prime opportunity for targeted engagement.

Furthermore, the list can aid sales teams in finding and prioritizing high-prospect leads. By observing the sectors and scales of companies investing in PerimeterX's threat protection technology, teams can model similar demographic profiles to prospect for buyers who would be potential high-converters.

For competitors in the sphere of behavior-based threat protection, the list serves as an indicator of market trends and customer profiles. Understanding the kinds of companies that adopt PerimeterX can also help these competitors refine their target markets and optimize their product positioning.

Hence, this list carries a variety of uses, from lead identification and prioritization, to market segmentation, to competitive analysis. An invaluable resource for sales teams, it creates opportunities to identify and engage with potential leads who prioritise robust and behaviour-based threat protection within their organizations.

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